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AltNewsMedia has been investigating the brutal murder of UK citizen Alan Henning  who was beheaded by “Jihadi John” aka Mohammed Emwazi  in Syria. In particular AltNewsMedia has been scrutinising the role of BBC film maker Catrin Nye in events leading up to that notorious killing.


Catrin Nye – BBC

Catrin Nye is reputed to have been making a documentary following a Jihad group from Leicester led by someone using the name MajStar fronting a convoy delivering aid to “Syrian children”. They were driving a British ambulance loaded with medical supplies through Turkey into Syria. The driver of the convoy was Alan Henning. Catrin Nye travelled with them until the Syrian border where she stopped but the others then went across the border.

Did Nye (and therefore the BBC) discuss Alan Henning going further on that fatal journey? Why did she and her BBC crew stop at this point but Mr Henning but others go on? Did she advise him to follow her example and not go any further? Was she aware that “Majstar” who led the convoy eulogised Al Queda terrorists?  Why in all her reports on the topic did she never mention the jihad links of “Rochdale 4 Syria”, or the local jihadi connections of MajStar, or enquire why he made repeated trips back to the jihad controlled warzone in the years after Henning was killed?

According to this article, Henning was captured half an hour after crossing into Syria. So either MajStar and his associates had absolutely zero local knowledge of who controlled the warzone border area they were crossing into and had no local guides, or they knew what was going to happen and that it was planned. What alternative could there be that the Jihadis in firm control of the border area didn’t know they were coming? Or that they weren’t informed Henning was coming? Or that they reneged on their security guarantees? Given clear evidence of MajStar’s local connections, none of that makes sense

After they entered Syria, they were all taken hostage by ISIS. Henning and the 3 (?) others, who are all “British” Pakistanis. Somehow the 3 “British” Pakistanis were all safely released, but Alan Henning was held hostage for ransom. When the ransom was not paid, Mr. Henning was beheaded

That was in 2013. When Alan Henning was captured there was radio silence from the media because reporting on his capture would apparently endanger him. The documentary itself was never released.  Henning was beheaded and nobody has asked Catrin Nye why she/BBC had been involved in escorting Henning to the edge of a jihad warzone. Until now.

Despite apparently being held hostage by jihadis in Syria, MajStar has since made several return trips back into Syria. It is a curiousity how someone claiming to be have been held hostage by deadly terrorists who beheaded their close traveling companion kept going back several times.

AltNewsMedia has been examining who MajStar was meeting with when in Syria, for example “Tox”



 “Tox” was reporting on “human rights” directly from inside terrorist controlled areas. The poster behind him is “IHH”, a Turkish Al Qaeda linked group (officially a charity!). They are so extreme that the Turkish government raided their office on the Syria border. This could only be because IHH was conducting activities too extreme for even the Turks (who even support Jihadis themselves!)

MajStar posted this eulogy for an Al Qaeda terrorist who died in a suicide attack in Syria. Abu Baseer (real name: Lucas Kinney) was the son of a London based film producer who made Braveheart, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and other blockbusters. Abu Baseer was interviewed by western journalists from the front line and said he was planning to be a suicide attacker.


Abu Baseer (real name: Lucas Kinney)
Al Queda terrorist

An examination of MajStar’s Instagram account raises further grave questions. Here he is pictured with Shaker Aamer. Aamer was held at Guantanamo Bay for 13 years before release. This was taken the year after the killing of Alan Henning.


Shaker Aame

Here is another picture of his friend Tox, using jihad imagery (white horse of jihad) and jihad flags.


White Horse of Jihad

If a Westerner asks, Islamists say “it’s just a horse!” and show you a picture of the Queen on a white horse Then if asked about the flags, they say “it’s just an Islamic prayer”, are you islamophobic? Then they will show a flag of St George and say what’s the difference? But AltNewsMedia is informed that Muslims all know what this signifies.

AltNewsMedia asks if it is possible that MajStar and his associates deliberately took Henning into Syria, thinking the British government would pay £££ Millions in ransom to help the Jihadis. Other governments have paid £££ millions to have similar hostages released but UK PM David Cameron refused. So was Alan Henning used for that purpose and did it then backfire?

The UK media has chosen not to examine the circumstances surrounding the capture and brutal murder of Alan Henning. Had something like this happened with Saudis or UAE,  everyone involved would be locked up in a dungeon for life – that’s what they do to such people

Have MajStar and his associates already been raided by UK anti-terror police? They match this description precisely. There is very limited reporting on MajStar in the UK media. But it’s the dark tale of his working relationship with the BBC that has been brushed under the carpet and it is that which AltNewsMedia now brings to your attention. Did no one at the BBC question his bona fides? Did no one at the BBC check his passport?

AltNewsMedia has contacted Catrin Nye seeking her answers to a series of questions but has received no response to date.

David Vance

David Vance used to be disgusted but now he tries to be amused! Editor of BiasedBBC.org and ATangledWeb.org, he has appeared on all forms of legacy media but has had enough of that! In the battle for truth and liberty, he prefers the front line. Join our fight back here on AltNewsMedia and subscribe to the platform.

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