I must have woken up to switch the news on at least 4 times last night. At the time of writing, there is still no official result in from the Hartlepool by-election. What we do know, judging by images of the mountain of ballot papers for the Conservative candidate, Jill Mortimer, is that the governing party has pulled off a spectacular win involving a victory margin of several thousand votes. It will be only the first time since 1982 that the Conservatives will have won a seat from the Opposition whilst in government. What makes this even more astonishing is the fact Hartlepool has never had a Conservative MP in its history.

If a large swathe of the north of England is turning blue, it is not alone. The Conservatives within the last half-hour have also taken Harlow in west Essex. What was set in train by the Brexit referendum was the notion of metropolitan England – especially and overwhelmingly in London – versus the rest of us. The dichotomy was confirmed in the 2019 General Election and further cemented by last night’s results.

London is lost. I say that with regret as someone who spent a happy youth there in the 1980s. Now the capital is one giant political loony bin – stripped of much of its Britishness by a saturating immigrant population, obsessed with Woke niche issues such as ethnic and transgender victimhood, and imbibed on identity politics all-too-keenly pushed by a Labour Party now largely reliant on London for its electoral fortunes. Meanwhile the UK media, staffed mostly by people who live in London and see things from a London-centric perspective, think the rest of England worry themselves silly by Black Lives Matter, transgender toilets, rejoining the EU and Boris’s wallpaper. We don’t.

Labour promises change. I doubt it has the capacity to deliver it. Its supporters and campaigners revel in hating Britain, hating the white working classes, labelling white people as ‘racists’, simpering over all things EU, and promulgating divisive identity politics. Hamstrung by apostles of such things, I doubt Labour could reach most of the working class and overwhelmingly white population of England ever again. Hartlepool was no blip. ‘For You Blue’ was a title of a Beatles B-side song. It will also prove to be the gift from the voters to Johnson’s Conservatives as the results continue to come in today.

Update – Results of the Hartlepool by-election

Jill Mortimer (Con): 15,529

Paul Williams (Lab): 8,589

Conservative majority of 6,940

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