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A For Britain candidate standing in England’s local elections next month was subjected to a barrage of angry and abusive telephone calls where death threats were made against leader Anne Marie Waters, it was revealed today.

A man rang the For Britain candidate, who has asked not to be named, four times over a 20 minute period on Wednesday 11th April where he threatened to “find and end” the outspoken party leader.

West Yorkshire Police today confirmed they were treating the report as a “hate crime” and were investigating the series of incidents.

The group of candidates had been out canvassing ahead of the May elections and distributing the party’s ‘10-point plan’ leaflets which call for a “significant reduction in immigration” and to “speak truthfully about Islam & its impact in Britain”. On each leaflet was a sticker giving details of the branch email address and telephone number.

“The man rang about 3:25pm and said ‘I’ve had these disgusting, racist leaflets through my door, my next-door neighbour is Muslim and they are great’ and then started to become more and more violent, abusive and issuing really sexually explicit threats,” the candidate told us.

“I ended the call after trying to calm him down and reason with him but he kept ringing back and at one point even pretended to be his neighbour.

“It’s difficult for me to even repeat some of the things he was saying but the most vulgar one was probably ‘I’m going to find Anne Marie, pull her pants down and fuck her in the arse’ – I’ve never heard anything like that and it was really quite scary, particularly because geographically this was so close to me.”


One of the leaflets handed out as part of the May local elections.

Lindsey Wyatt, a spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police, told AltNewsMedia in a statement: “Police in Leeds are investigating a reported hate crime offence against a member of the For Britain Movement political party. Officers have spoken to the victim and enquiries are ongoing.”

The For Britain candidate said the telephone numbers had now been removed from leaflets and that the reaction from people had generally been positive.

“We just have to be brave because ultimately we know we’re the good guys. I haven’t got a thick skin and I hate the abuse you get but I am doing it for the party and a lot of people have been really supportive,” they added.

It comes after Anne Marie Waters told us in February that there had been an “explosion” in hard-left hatred inspired by the rise of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. She said at the time that in her 15 years of political campaigning, she had never known an atmosphere like it with some members and supporters left “terrified” at the intimidation they were facing.

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