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Far Left Activist Group Found Guilty of Breaches


AltNewsMedia can reveal that extreme far left activist group ‘Stand Up to Racism’ has been fined by the Electoral Commission for illegal activity during the the 2019 Newport West by-election.

Stand Up to Racism is a brand name of ‘Unite Against Fascism’, an extreme far left group of political agitators with a long history of violence and aggression, this incident being the latest in a line of illegal activity. Predominantly built by the Trade Union movement, UAF/SUTR have recently attached themselves to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, no doubt attracted by the goals of ‘defunding the police’ and ‘destroying the nuclear family’. UAF were strongly criticised for brushing off concerns that Michael Adebolajo, one of the killers of Lee Rigby in 2013 spoke at a UAF event in 2009. They have also faced criticism for failing to condemn Islamism and AntiSemitism, as well as wreath removal from a war memorial in Nelson. Protests have often resulted in violence and arrests, although bizarrely the organisation continues to enjoy favourable mainstream media platform.

Vice Chair of UAF is Azad Ali, an ex IT worker for the treasury was the ‘community affairs coordinator’ for the Islamic Forum of Europe, an offshoot of Islamist group Jamaat-e-Islami. Ali described Al Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki as ‘one of my favourite speakers’ and Channel 4 documentary maker Andrew Gilligan described him as an Islamic fascist. Ali also worked in the civil service but was suspended for his support of a mentor to Bin Laden among other controversial comments, yet did return to post. He is also part of a group that liaises with the met police about their response to suicide bombings, despite briefly stepping down after publicity over his extreme comments.

The extremist organisation failed to comply with the regulations that dictate an imprint must always be present on leaflets distributed during political activity. The group was also reported to the Gwent police for verbal assaults on members of the public distributing leaflets for UKIP and For Britain, but the police declined to take action. This is not the first time that ‘Stand Up to Racism’ have been front and centre of illegal activity during elections. During a hustings at Lewisham East in 2018, their activists brought the democratic process to a halt by blocking the entrance and causing the police to call off the event for public safety.

Far Left Activist Group Found Guilty of Breaches

The illegal leaflet was championed by Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru, Diane Abbott, President of Stand Up to Racism and Labour Leader at the time Jeremy Corbyn. Despite ‘Stand Up to Racism’ not being a political party, they often ‘counter campaign’ against non-Labour candidates with defamatory messaging. The leaflet in question contained misinformation and dishonest personal attacks, and was also reported to Gwent police, yet senior members of Labour and Plaid Cymru were happy to pose with it.

For Britain member Steve Harry had to chase and badger the Electoral Commission for a year in order to see the prosecution and fine delivered, the reluctance to act fueling recent criticisms of the EC for being too influenced by the Labour Party. However even the EC could not escape the reality and issued the fine which AltNewsMedia understands has been accepted and paid.

Far Left Activist Group Found Guilty of Breaches

As the spotlight focuses on divisive far left groups who attempt to cloak themselves in names beyond criticism, AltNewsMedia will continue to report on their activities. From ‘Tell Mama’, the group which lost public funding after falsifying ‘hate crime’ statistics against muslims, through to ‘Hope Not Hate’ (HNH) who are being investigated by the Charity Commission for the blurring of the lines between their political activism arm and their charity organisation. HNH publicly released an address of a meeting place for ‘political opponents’ resulting in a female journalist being assaulted during a mass brawl, and also falsely accused Jewish Sharon Klaff for attacking a bookshop (a claim they were forced to withdraw). They also continue to also receive favourable press, which is why it is vital groups such as AltNewsMedia continue to tell the truth in the face of all out propaganda.

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