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AltNewsMedia has today learned that the man responsible for ‘Ban Orange Order’ petition is working with the Unionist campaign group, Scotland In Union.

Joe McCauley, the man behind the change.org petition calling for Parades held by the Orange Order to be banned is employed by the Unionist campaign group, Scotland In Union, as a Volunteer Coordinator.

The petition currently containing 42,000 signatures was released 48 hours ago on the back of an alleged incident where Catholic Priest, Canon Tom White, was verbally assaulted and spat upon by members of the public following an Orange Order parade passing St Alphonsus’ in the Gallowgate area of Glasgow on Saturday, July 7, at around 5.15pm.

Further fallout from this incident has seen statements released by Politicians from the

Scotland Parliament, Glasgow City Council, The Orange Order and other public figures such as Scottish Actor, John Hannah who branded those responsible as ‘fascist f***wits’.  The Orange Order has been met with a challenging and negative response to this incident though we must highlight that Police Scotland have said they do not believe anyone from the Orange Order was responsible for the attack and are looking for a member of the public.

Joe McCauley who works for Scotland in Union stated when launching his petition “There is no room in society for this type of bigotry and division.  Sign the petition and call


Facebook post made by McCauley, the picture also shows a reply made by Perth Organiser, Victor Clements

time on the Orange Order marches on our streets!”

Victor Clements, Scotland In Unions Perth Organiser, responded to McCauley saying “It is for the Police to deal with such matters.  The petition you are supporting can only make things worse.  Let the Police deal with the thugs who supposedly spat at the Priest.  No other action is necessary” which suggests that this action by the Volunteer Coordinator will cause division within the ranks of Scotland.

In a statement, Glasgow City Council said: “We utterly condemn this appalling behaviour and urge anyone with any information on the incident to contact the police.

“A meeting with council officers will be held this week as it’s perhaps time to review our procedures in light of a number of factors.

“We will also continue to liaise with Police Scotland, organisers, the Scottish Government, third parties and stakeholders as part of the council’s processions’ code of contact.

“Our aim is always to strike a reasonable balance between protecting the fundamental right of individuals and organisations to organise and participate in public processions, and the need to minimise disruption to the wider community by protecting the rights of all of Glasgow’s citizens to go about their business without unnecessary disturbance and interference.”

Jim McHarg, Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, said: “I, like so many others, was appalled to hear the reports of the incident that happened outside St Alphonsus Church in Glasgow on Saturday.  Verbal abuse is in itself unacceptable, but allegations of spitting is vile and disgusting, and we hope those involved are brought to justice.

“Whilst I am assured that no members of the parade were involved in any of the incidents, we understand that it was carried out by a small group of young men who turned up to watch the parade go past.

“The Orange Order is founded on the principal of religious liberty for all.

“This includes the right of other faiths to celebrate their own heritage and history, just as we celebrate ours.  Unfortunately, there are a small number of people in society who seem unwilling to accept this tolerant approach.

“Indeed, many of them allude to beliefs and sing songs about a time in the past which they probably know very little about or fail to understand completely.

“I have only one message for them, you are not welcome at any of our parades.

“I have today asked our Executive Officer to call Canon White to express our sadness at what he had to endure. We have also written to the Archdiocese. We have contacted the Police to offer our full support in their investigations. A number of members of the parade witnessed the incident on Saturday, and senior members intervened at the time to stand up for Canon White. Those members will be key witnesses for the Police and stand ready to assist.

“Whilst it may be said that the Orange Order has different opinions to the Roman Catholic Church, I have no hesitation in stating that today we stand with Canon White in saying that this sort of behaviour has no place in society.”

Scotland In Union refused to comment when asked about their member of staff McCauley.