Anne Marie Waters, leader of the political party ‘The For Britain Movement’ writing exclusively for AltNewsMedia explains why the EU must be brought down, and why her party has joined the Pan European MENL Group.

When we set out to make For Britain a reality, there were several things I wanted to ensure. I wanted us to be a party that is defined by what it is for, not what it is against (hence our name). I wanted also to make sure that we were not to be defined by a single issue or cause, we are here to make Britain great, to highlight all of the vital issues that affect the people of Britain, and apply common sense and fairness-based solutions.

One of the issues we care about (but by no means the only one) is of course Brexit. The UK’s departure from the EU must be hard fought for, and there are a couple of major reasons for this. The first is the importance of bringing down the EU itself, something that will only happen when major players leave it behind. Brexit was the first domino to fall. Anti-EU sentiment is both rising and confident as a result of Britain’s courage, and this could well reverberate around the continent and bring a final end to the corruption of the Brussels elite.

The second reason Brexit must be honoured is to protect the dignity of democracy itself. A country cannot call itself democratic if it holds a nation-wide referendum to ask a specific yes/no question, then ignores the result because it wasn’t the one politicians were hoping for. The message this sends to the electorate is incredibly damaging; it disempowers people and tells them their views don’t count. That is not democracy.

For Britain has new, fresh and effective ideas on how this country should be governed going forward, during the battle for Brexit and beyond. We propose a UK Constitution for example, the reversal of the implementation of the MacPherson Inquiry recommendations, and immigration proposals that are tough but fair, and which will resonate with the British public. But we also have a new and fresh approach to Brexit, we know that it is just the beginning, and that the real long-term goal must be the restoration of the European nation-state and the end of the Brussels bureaucracy.

Many people in Britain are concerned about Brexit simply because they love Europe and want to be a part of it. They have been misled in this regard by the Remain campaign, much of which frequently implies that the EU and Europe are one and the same – if we leave the EU, we also leave Europe. This is preposterous, and the British people need to hear it. They need to know we are turning our back on the EU, not on Europe. In other words, For Britain makes a pro-Europe, anti-EU argument, and we believe that more people be willing to get on board with this approach.

Europe is an ancient civilisation that has shaped world history. Its variety of cultures, languages and peoples have developed over thousands of years and given birth to Western civilization – the most advanced and the freest in human history. (It’s worth noting here that it is the most advanced because it is the freest).

We all need friends and allies, and Britain is no exception. In pursuing Brexit, we are not turning our back on Europe, or on the rest of the world, we are simply restoring self-governance and honouring the nation-state. We feel the same about this as many of our friends in Europe, and that’s why we must work together across the continent to fight for those common aims. For Britain has taken steps to do just this – we have joined the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom.

We are delighted to have been accepted as a part of this group. We will work together to protect and preserve the freedom, culture, and sovereignty of our beautiful and ancient European countries and cultures. Members include Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and other brave fighters for democracy from across Europe.

It is a tremendous honour for us to stand with such an array of European heroes and heroines. For a party as young as For Britain, this is hugely encouraging. Our party is increasingly known and respected, and we have only just begun to make our mark. We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Janice Atkinson MEP for proposing For Britain to the group, and for her support of our party since we started out.

Exciting times are ahead, and we are making great strides, not just For Britain, but for Europe as well.

Anne Marie Waters
Leader, For Britain