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On the 11th November, the Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage announced that his party would not be contesting the 317 seats held by Conservatives in the General Election.

CHAOS AND MISDIRECTION IN THE BREXIT PARTY?The reason given was that, upon consideration, Nigel Farage wanted to ensure that Jeremy Corbyn could not be let into number 10 by the back door, via his party splitting the vote. This confused many, as previously Boris Johnson’s deal had been called “worse than Theresa May’s”. Yet on the basis of a short reassuring social media video from Johnson (clearly aimed at The Brexit Party), Farage performed a complete U-Turn, apparently trusting the soundbites without any formal agreements.

AltNewsMedia can exclusively reveal some activities in the lead up to these events that may shed some light on the real reason behind the dramatic change of direction from Farage.

Local Brexit Party candidates had been holding meetings across the country to drum up support. In the North East, candidates complained of having no support, or having any knowledge of what to do. They were in despair at the chaos. Regional Organisers had QUIT their roles due to the frustration and anger at the lack of communication, help and support from the party. Not wishing to be named, their account of the chaos and anger across the party was as intense as it was surprising.

Perhaps most telling of all, several days before Farage’s announcement, a senior committee member of Democratic Populist “The For Britain Party” received a call from a Brexit Party representative, desperately hoping to talk him into standing as a candidate. This is bizarre as Farage had banned “For Britain” members from standing for his party (seemingly a continuation of his bad blood towards Anne Marie Waters, party leader). When it looked as though Waters could win the UKIP leadership election in 2017, something Farage did not want, he famously smeared Waters and her supporters, something that still angers thousands of UKIP and For Britain members to this day. Farage has previously been accused of being thin skinned, and that he does not like others becoming too popular in his own party, which can result in him lashing out.

This call reveals a last ditch attempt to find candidates as the day of reckoning approached. If the party was turning to people from other parties who it had previously said were banned, could the real reason that 317 candidates were stood down be because (a) there were not actually that many candidates, and (b) the party infrastructure did not have the ability to cope?

In this context, the strange and hasty actions of Farage that angered so many supporters might make more sense. That he might not have been able to physically stand the necessary amount of candidates, and that he could not hope to support the ones he did.


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