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Dressed in red, white and blue, ex-Muslim Shazia Hobbs has used the anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing to condemn men and women for wearing the burqa.

The AltNewsMedia correspondent likened the controversial Islamic dress to a political uniform just days after Denmark become the latest country to pass a ban of the burqa and niqab being worn in public places. She was speaking this afternoon at the Democratic Football Lads Alliance’s (DFLA) ‘Forever Manchester march in the northern city a little over a year since 22 people were killed and hundreds injured by Muslim suicide bomber Salman Abedi.

Hundreds marched from All Saints Park to Castlefield Bowl where speeches were then heard from a number of people including Carla Seath, one of the survivors of the sickening 2017 attack on Britain’s largest northern city.

“Burqas are closed doors; they are brick walls, barriers to communication. They are very clear indicators that the wearer does not wish to interact with you. Burqas are saying KEEP BACK from whomever is wearing them,” she told the cheering crowd.


“Some women wear the burqa because they have no choice, but many more wear them of their own free will. I call these women political Muslimas and the burqa is their uniform. Men also wear the burqa. A Muslim male fled from a mosque in the UK wearing one in order to escape detection from police and CCTV cameras.

“As citizens of the UK, facial expressions are very important to us. We laugh with each other, we cry, we joke, and we mimic, and we share these expressions and emotions very freely with one another, from family members to people on the street. It’s great to be able to see so many passionate men and women here today. It’s great to see your responses to the speakers, your joy, your outrage and your anger. I couldn’t see any of this if you were all covered up.”

She also expressed anger at Tommy Robinson’s recent arrest, and said the timing was ironic with convicted hate preacher Anjem Choudary soon to be released early from prison after serving less than half of his original five-year sentence.

“Anjem Choudary needs to spend a lifetime in solitary confinement. He does not need to be on the streets and claiming his jihad-seekers’ allowance, as he likes to call the free money we give him,” she added.

“Tommy has been sentenced to 13 months, let’s see if he too serves less than half that time. If so we’ll see him home in time for Christmas, that most wonderful of Christian holidays, and we’ll have a street party the likes of which the UK has never seen before.”

A video of Shazia’s full speech will be available on ANM’s official YouTube channel shortly. Stay tuned!

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