Brexit is the ultimate People’s Choice. On 23rd June 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union. More people voted to Leave, than have ever voted for anything before, in the entire history of this nation. The dismay on the face of BBC luvvies as they had to announce this decision was delicious, and heralded a declaration of war by the establishment, upon those who had exercised the democratic choice.

In effect, we voted to Leave several times: in 2015 when then-PM Cameron knew that offering a referendum was the ultimate vote-winner, and four million people voted UKIP, but there were still enough votes for the Conservative manifesto of Referendum, to put Cameron in office.
Then we voted on 23rd June 2016.
In 2017 we voted for Theresa May who headed the only party which had not by that time campaigned for a 2nd Referendum.
2018 was a year of protest, when people who had never been politically active took to the streets in their thousands, to demand an end to the defiance and abuse by a parliament which had promised to honour our choice; and our protests were ignored by the main-stream media.

This spawned a voice of resistance; content creators who could be guaranteed to live-stream the protests, while the hated, treacherous BBC concentrated on the bus-loads of bored housewives paid by Soros to hold street parties, secure in the belief that those they despised would soon be put back in their box.

Then in 2019 the Red Wall crashed down, and we gave the biggest majority in decades to Boris Johnson, to Get Brexit Done.

Throughout the referendum campaign, traitors such as David Cameron had roped in enemies of democracy such as mass-murderer Barack Obama, to threaten us: but every attempt to bully us, merely raised support for Leave. The suggestion that we should actually have a choice, lifted the lid on a sickening snobbery among those who favoured Remain – a hateful contempt which boiled over into an outright attack on the concept of Democracy itself, when Remain lost the vote.

The vastly wealthy, the monumentally privileged, the hugely arrogant, committed the crime of attempting to overturn this unprecedented Democratic choice – and betrayed the pact between parliament and people.
And they are still in denial. The (unsaleable) Guardian still trumpets that Democracy should have been sacrificed to their personal whims. The handful of “Remoaners” left in office are still bulbous-eyed with rage that the Plebs dared to disagree with them. They are additionally outraged to have been caught out by their own complacency: they have consoled themselves that the pandemic would enable Brexit to be shelved; they were wrong.

BREXIT: Onward & UpwardWe have done what nobody has ever done before.
We are unique among all the nations of Europe for being determined to leave, despite the entire world (apart from the Australians and Trump-supporting Americans) being against us. We stood firm, rather than just staying and pouting, we refused to give in to the 2nd vote demand, which is suggested with such silky assurance whenever a Democratic vote goes against the wishes of the EU.

The French, the Dutch, the Irish – the only nations in Europe, other than us, who actually know what Democracy means – all these voted against treaties intended to destroy their identity and make them slaves of the warped construct designed by Nazi lawyer Walter Hallstein. They should now be free: but they were forced to vote again..and again…until the EU achieved the vote it wanted.
Their governments are now meekly obedient. Their people are apathetic – and in the case of Ireland, await their destruction courtesy of Project Ireland 2040.

So, now we are free – what next? There is still plenty to do. We have trade, and friendships, to build, the world over. And we have some mopping up to do at home. Brexit was a populist revolution – because now, we do not have ‘left and right’ – we have Populists, who believe the government should represent the interests of people, who must have a voice and hold their representatives accountable, and we have Globalists, who believe that 99.999999999% of people should be smiling, opinionless plebs, tidily silenced and obedient at all times to faceless, patronising overlords.
We must ensure that this revolution continues and is strengthened.

At home, although, as Nigel Farage said, the Brexit war is over, he is only partially correct: our choice lifted a flat stone in British society to reveal a foul, wriggling mess of elitism which holds the destruction of democracy and the crushing of the People, as a central demand.
Those who worked to overthrow our decision must face a reckoning. We must build upon our success in achieving independence, by guarding it fiercely against every trace of this elitism, and ensuring that those who resent, or undermine, independence, are consigned to history. Civil service, judiciary, educators, anyone of the old guard, must be replaced. We have fought too hard, for too long, to allow these anti-Democrats to work against us from within.

Brexit politicised people who had always assumed they could trust in our Democracy: now we know that, no matter how politicians and establishment appear to be behaving themselves, we must always watch them – every single one of them – to ensure that they are working, as they should: as servants of, and in the defence and protection of, the people who elect them.

We need genuine compassion here – not the theoretical kind which is based on imagining that skin colour equals advantage or disadvantage. Poverty is very real, especially among those communities worst hit by mass, low-skilled EU immigration.
Overseas funding must be ended, and devoted to our military, affordable housing, job creation, and the NHS – which needs to get its act together. They will currently fund gender reassignment at a cost of £19,000 – £22 million this year and the lunatic fringe are still whining for more – but won’t fund would-be loving parents to have a child at a cost of £3,000.

While there is a single British homeless person, or a single British person suffering poverty, not a single so-called asylum-seeker should be kept or housed, except at the personal expense of those unhinged middle-class women who get off on that kind of thing, and only in off-shore accommodation, such as old cruise ships, well guarded, awaiting deportation.

We must end tribal voting. There are people who would vote for a two-toed sloth if it wore a blue rosette or – more dangerously – for a supporter of jihadists and an endorser of the mass rape of children, if he/she/it wore a red rosette. The hideous abuse of thousands upon thousands of England’s daughters – and the election of hateful knife-gang supporter and anti-British Remoaner Sadiq Khan – is as a direct result of Labour voters who refused to vote for any party their grandparents didn’t vote for.

We must kill off the Barnett Formula by which the English pay for the other three nations to have free medical prescriptions, free or heavily subsidised university education, free care for their elderly – none of which the English receive. At the moment, public spending is cruelly depleted when it comes to the English, who receive less than everyone else per capita and are hardest hit by poverty.

There must be parity in voting value, too: in the 2015 General Election, four million English UKIP votes translated into ONE MP, while 1.5 million Scottish SNP votes translated into FIFTY MPs. One MP per 30,000 Scottish voters; one MP per 4,000,000 English voters. This is an obscenity and a gross injustice.

We must put the “woke” to sleep. No more politics in entertainment or sports. No more kneeling, grovelling, apologising, just a simple acceptance of equality in law and a defence of that civilised concept. No more “continental-style” demands to ban items of clothing such as the burka – but no more special privileges according to being a minority either – and no more teaching white children that their heritage is evil. Any attack on our culture must be exposed for the hateful bigotry it is.
And we must have absolute freedom of speech: we are under no obligation to “respect” anyone – although we must, all of us, tolerate each other’s right to offend. Physical threat, harassment, or violence, must not, however, be tolerated.

And defund the BBC!

Brexit proved that Brits still don’t carry a white flag. Nothing – even the Great Plague of 2020 – has dimmed our demand for freedom. We still have our identity, despite being derided, drained and punished for being who, and what, we are. And on that note, I am proud that our free government is sanctioning China for it’s human rights abuses… while the EU grovels to it.

Thanks to the Kung Flu, there were street parties on New Year’s Eve – but there will be other nights to celebrate. So let’s pick up this victory and get on with it, as we always have – flourishing in freedom, having proven that we were never them: we are still us.

Happy New Year!

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