She scarpered to the Middle East with a trumpety trump; happily strapped suicide vests to young children in order they martyr themselves; eventually found Syria was not to her liking (probably because there were fewer radical Muslims there than what she was used to in east London); and scweamed and scweamed for us to allow her back to Britain. Quite rightly, the Home Secretary subordinated the clarion calls of human rights activists in order to satisfy the public mood (a rare occurrence in such circumstances) to fight against her ever returning to the UK. Yesterday, thanks to the intervention of the Supreme Court, they government’s (and indeed our) wishes were satisfied. Shamima Begum made her bed and she now has to lie in it in perpetuity.

Step forward the likes of Sutton Coldfield MP, Andrew Mitchell. Here is a man so wet he could make a mermaid look dehydrated, telling us Begum should be allowed to return to the UK to have her ‘human rights respected’. It has always seemed to be a contradiction in terms to me that those who see everything through a prism of ‘human rights’ are always the keenest to afford the most rights to those who act the least human. Where were the Andrew Mitchells of this world when mass grooming carried out by Muslim gangs across the Midlands and the north of England was uncovered by investigative media? Where were the tears of sadness and regret shed when dozens of British people – from all sorts of backgrounds – were slaughtered at the hands of Islamic terrorists? Oh yes we had the usual platitudes about ‘oneness’ and ‘harmony’, but we had less ire shown towards the perpetrators of these atrocities than we have directed at the Home Secretary and millions of others who wish to keep this particular parasitical menace far from our shores.

Once you see society – be it in Britain or in any other country – as a jigsaw of atomised community groups, each with an entitlement to its unfettered identity and cultural values, you set up the basis of a fracturing of that society. Moreover, you get fully absorbed into the mire of identity politics, which only has the effect of utterly corrupting your moral framework. That’s what has happened to Mitchell and Co. They care more about a future where Begum is safeguarded by the British state (even if in a prison setting), than they do about the safeguards in place to protect teenage girls in grooming epicentres. And that, my friends, is one hell of a corrupted moral compass!!