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A lot has been written on this platform and others this week about free speech, and the suppression of it by UK authorities. We have seen scant regard for law and due process to stop conservative journalists entering the UK. Britain First are being erased from the public eye after being both imprisoned and now have had their Facebook account removed. Tommy Robinson was recently moved on from Speaker’s Corner – the home of free speech for 300 years – because he was about to speak out against Islam, in a speech written by a journalist who was prevented from entering the UK to speak out in public!

What on earth is going on? This is Great Britain, not North Korea, right?

Occam’s Razor suggests that the underlying issue is Islam. All rational thought seems to disappear whenever someone dares to criticise this religion or raise concerns. The bizarre act of the Mayor of London taking to social media to read out anti Islam tweets at the time of the Telford grooming revelation seemed, at best, insensitive. The lack of highlighted hate tweets aimed at Jews, Christians, Brexiteers, apostates or anyone else other than himself was telling. The news cycle, so quiet about Telford, produced Islamophobic letters sent to four MPs, as a main headline, as though this is worse than rape (and murder) on an unthinkable scale.

Again, what on earth is going on?

Think about it. President Trump provoked such wrath on his campaign trail for daring to call out Islamic terrorism for what it is. There is little doubt that the vitriol aimed against him would not be so great if he hadn’t taken that step. Is there anyone in public life that criticises Islam today that isn’t under death threat or under remorseless attack from a combination of the authorities, media, muslims themselves and the left leaning public?

One last time, what on earth is going on?

Here’s the thing. History shows that speaking out against the unsavoury aspects of Islam and the culture of Islamic countries ends badly. People have been saying for years that grooming such as Telford is happening, and we now hear it is on a scale we can’t even begin to fathom. Researchers and charities have warned that we should assume this abuse is happening in every UK town and city. What happens when that is fully out in the public domain? Politicians and prominent figures abroad have been killed for speaking out, even in the UK Salman Rushdie is still under threat of death for daring to write a book critical of the qur’an. I can only assume those in authority are scared. If cartoons can provoke riots and deaths, then what if they try and take action? Will they be targeted and have a fatwa called against them?

Easier to go for the targets that don’t offer any real threat, but pretend they do. It appeases those that threaten violence for a little longer. Journalists, anti FGM campaigners, apostates.. stop them speaking freely and openly about facts and reality, and maybe it will all go away until someone else’s watch. Imagine ‘Life of Brian’ being made today, but instead of mocking Christianity, it mocked Islam. It would not be allowed, as the threat of violence would be too great. Everyone knows it, but few will publicly admit it. Which is exactly why it should be made, for to cower to threats and blame the victims is cowardly appeasement, and history shows that appeasement never, ever works. Until this suppression of alarmed voices is reversed, and open / honest debate is allowed without fear of reprisal, we must all stand firm for the right to free speech, the right to criticise, and the right to free thought and opinion.

It is why we created AltNewsMedia. We defend the right for people we both like and dislike to voice their opinions.