Leader of the For Britain Movement, Anne Marie Waters, writing exclusively for AltNewsMedia, will be detailing aspects of her party’s newly launched manifesto ‘for the forgotten majority’.
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Image of university cap & books & scrolls‘Education is about learning things not about brainwashing.’ These are the words of Mark McLachlan, a step-dad in Sunderland who objected to his step-daughter’s homework assignment: write a letter to your family about converting to Islam. Mr McLachlan said he couldn’t understand what this assignment would achieve, but he’s no fool, he knows what it will achieve and what it aims to achieve, which is to lie to Britain’s children about Islam and prepare them for a future bowing down in obedience to its dictats.

This is schooling in Britain in 2018.

The head of Kepier School was ever-so-understanding though, she explained to Mr McLachlan how children have to learn about all cultures and faiths (presumably then Muslim children are writing to their families about converting to Judaism? Can I be a fly on the wall for that one?)

Even if children are ‘learning about Islam’, the question is – learning what? Will they learn how it kills apostates, seeks the genocide of Jews, treats women as sub-human and presides over societies of fear, violence, and hatred? Don’t bet on it. They’ll be told ‘Islam is peace’ and anyone who says otherwise is a racist and a bigot. That’s the extent of ‘learning’ about Islam. Children are simply being programmed. Objective analysis is forbidden. Objective analysis is ‘racist’.

This story is the latest in a long list. For years now, schools have been promoting Islam, as well as radical left-wing politics, to impressionable minds and have done so with the full consent and complicity of government. In fact, it is at the government’s behest. The head of Kepier pointed out that this is part of the national curriculum, and she’s right. “Diversity”, “multiculturalism”, “diversity”, and “multiculturalism”, that is the national curriculum, it is pounded in to every area of public life. Both Labour and Tory governments are right behind it and neither of them can be trusted to bring any kind of change, because both of them are wedded to pushing globalist propaganda, and no amount of noise from Theresa May on immigration reduction will make the slightest impact. “Diversity” will continue for as long as we continue to vote the way we do.

But there is an alternative. For Britain will change education, we will stop the indoctrination.

The national curriculum has to change and change drastically. Instead of telling how children how wonderful Islam is, why don’t we tell them how wonderful Britain is? Why don’t we teach children the value of free speech, of liberty, of democracy, and of critical thinking and objective truth? If we are to build a society of intelligence, justice, and freedom, that is exactly what we must do.

For Britain’s education policy is clear and concise – we want British children to be taught how to think, not what to think. Schooling should prepare children for a life of productive self-sufficiency and instil respect for their society, for themselves, and for each other. We want a thinking country, not a nation of zombies. If you want this too, you can vote for it.

For Britain will end the funding of transactivism groups, who are currently free to impart unscientific propaganda on to children and encourage them to despise their own body and their own sex. We will allow parents to remove their children from classes proselytising for Islam. We will allow parents to insist that their child will not attend a mosque, and to do so without accusations of ‘racism’ from politicised teachers. We will ensure that the greatness of British culture is taught to children, and that they are part of a united Britain that is proud of its heritage and identity.

We will not allow left-wing teachers or teachers’ unions to simply refuse to teach what doesn’t suit their irresponsible and radical open border politics. In 2016, the National Union of Teachers refused to teach British culture. In the future, if they refuse to do so, they will be removed from their jobs.

For Britain will build a grammar school in every town and oblige local government to prioritise education. We will end ‘pointless degree’ culture by funding the study of STEM subjects, and ensure that universities allow a variety of viewpoints to be heard and hire teaching staff from a variety of backgrounds and schools of thought.

These are simple measures that will make a profound impact, all we need to do is vote for them.

A country cannot survive if its people don’t wish to save it, and they won’t wish to save it if they have no respect for it. This indeed is exactly why British children are encouraged to love all the people of this world, except themselves. It is to weaken the sense of national identity of yesteryear because this presents an impediment to the globalist agenda. Globalists want a broken down world of uniformity and serfdom and they’ll only get it if they remove identification with the nation-state. That’s the aim and purpose of modern ‘education’ across the Western world. We’re being ‘taught’ to give away our countries.

There is still much time in which to turn this around; we can and we will. Our party will stand up for truth, for national sovereignty, for education, and of course For Britain.

Anne Marie Waters
Leader, For Britain Movement