Writing exclusively for AltNewsMedia, Anne Marie Waters, leader of the ‘For Britain Party’ highlights some elements of the party’s policies in a series of articles. This piece deals with defence.

AMW: The defence of the people is the primary duty of Government.  It is both a moral and political priority for those entrusted with the leadership of a nation.

The leaders of a democratic nation are charged with the protection of the liberty of the people, their way of life, but above all, their safety – for without it, all else is meaningless.  We live in a 21st century Britain in which the state has failed, and is failing, to protect all of the above.

The proliferation of terror, along with anti-British and anti-democracy ideologies (imported from elsewhere), has raised the threat to unacceptably (and unnecessarily) high levels.

Over just the last two years, scores of people have been murdered in the UK by Islamic terror groups, and yet our Government continues to deny the religious motivation.  Indeed, it does the opposite.  Government has consistently prioritised the defence of the reputation of Islam over and above the defence of the British people.

In addition, our Governments continue to fail our Armed Forces.  Underequipped, undermanned, and underfunded, our country is currently in no fit state to defend itself.  This is entirely unacceptable and For Britain will turn it around.

Firstly, we must increase defence spending.  We cannot accept that defence is anything other than a top priority, and as such, For Britain will increase spending to 3% of GDP, as recommended by the Defence Select Committee.

We will also target waste and end poor procurement practices.  Like much of the public sector, the Armed Forces are bureaucratically bloated, with more Generals than battle tanks.  Furthermore, Britain’s soldiers, sailors and airmen are supplied with sub-standard, malfunctioning equipment, years late, at several times the cost than is needed.  For Britain will institute a full audit of the operations of the Armed Forces and defence procurement, on the lines used successfully by Leslie Chapman to reduce expenditure by 20-45% without lowering the services offered.

We live in an unstable world, one of weapons of major destruction, and one of a growing and perilous terrorist threat.  For Britain will ensure that Britain is able to defend itself unilaterally against any and all dangers – internal and external.  Showing solidarity with Britain’s NATO allies remains vital, as does maintaining the Trident nuclear deterrent.

We are a patriotic party and will ensure respect for those who serve our country.  Returning and retiring members of the Armed Forces will be priortised in terms of housing, NHS treatment, and other vital services.  The fact that there are around 13,000 British veterans living on the streets is a national scandal, and For Britain will bring it to an end.  We will also ensure that serving personnel are paid a decent wage.

As with any policy area, it is government’s role to get the basics right.  Defence is no different.  For Britain has common sense ideas to do just this.  We will defend our country and ensure we can do so without dependence on external forces.  We will respect and provide for our military personnel, both before and after their service, and we will do it all from a positive, democratic and pro-British perspective.  We will do it For Britain.

You can read our full defence policy at www.forbritain.uk/policy

Anne Marie Waters

Leader, For Britain