by Paul Ellis, 22/05/19

For years, now, Tommy Robinson has been the British establishment’s Emmanuel Goldstein, a figure from 1984, whose speeches are shown to party members for the sole purpose of allowing them to drown out his voice with shouts of hatred. Such is Tommy’s media persona to many. Last year Sky cynically edited an interview with him so that harmless comments were presented after questions he had never been asked, in order to make his answers appear threatening, and this spring Panorama’s John Sweeny was secretly recorded conspiring to make an argument between Tommy and one of his researchers look like ‘something sexual’. The supposedly non-partisan speaker of the House of Commons intervened in a debate to call him ‘odious’, and in a hopelessly flawed hearing at Leeds Crown Court, a judge sentenced him to an unlawful thirteen months imprisonment – after a five minute hearing with no chance to arrange legal representation.

This collective abandonment of any vestige of impartiality, honesty and fairness across the establishment, amounts to a collective howl of establishment virtue signalling rage. It is justified it seems on the basis that no concerns about propriety or legality should be permitted to obstruct the modern liberal crusade – or more to the point, jihad – against anyone who dares to speak honestly about Islam and Muslims.

Yet still Tommy Robinson has persevered and those who have bypassed the mainstream media to learn what is really going on, have witnessed on social media Tommy addressing large and good-natured crowds, often on humble estates, as part of his current campaign, ending this evening, for election to the European Parliament.

They have also seen him pursued every step of the way by the modern day brownshirt thugs who clearly feel no embarrassment at chanting ‘Nazi Scum off our streets’ at local residents who step outside their front doors, to listen for themselves to what Emmanuel Goldstein actually has to say.

Two milkshakes have been thrown over him, to the obvious encouragement of journalists and politicians. One of the assailants, Danyal Mahmud, was escorted from the scene by police only to be released without, it seems even a verbal warning. The following day, several media outlets published unchallenged a demonstrably false account from Mahmud in which he claimed he had been harassed by Tommy and in the course of which the milk shake ‘slipped from his hand.’ The official green light of approval, from media, police and courts, to violence against Tommy has been clear and unmistakeable.

On Saturday matters progressed from symbolic assaults to unrestrained violence. Hundreds of Muslim men, many with faces masked, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, were escorted by the police to within a stone’s throw of the Tommy Robinson campaign rally in Oldham – which we know because that is of course exactly what they did. The lobbing of stones and bottles by the mob at a peaceful election rally was shocking enough, but was far more chilling was the video footage of many dozens of police officers, who could easily have intervened, standing idly by, disinterestedly watching the missiles being thrown. Ominously, a passenger on the upper deck of a bus travelling nearby recorded what sounded like a gunshot and one hooded and masked Muslim passing what looked like a pistol to another as they ran down a street.

None of this, of course is harming his campaign, which ends this evening. Two weeks ago, Tommy had cut for many a Robin Hood figure, a slightly rough and ready outlaw-type, admired, mainly by the working class for his courage in confronting a corrupt and oppressive system. He is now increasingly resembling Mahatma Gandhi, bearing the milkshakes and missiles with calm and largely good-natured resolve (at least better natured than many of us would manage in his situation). Whatever doesn’t kill him makes him stronger.

But the state’s outsourcing of its efforts to silence Tommy Robinson to far left thugs and hordes of religiously crazed wannabe jihadis shows how far we have retreated from democracy. The state is also nurturing a monster. The West attempted to harness Muslim rage in Afghanistan in the 1980s, and nurtured a movement it could not control. It is now blindly doing the same in our northern mill towns. No doubt political shootings, bombings and beheadings will follow the hurling of stones as the night follows the day; and the range of targets will widen to gay teachers, to anyone deemed to be showing insufficient deference to the savagery of Islam or the demands of the lack-of-thought police.

The state has learned nothing from its inability to tame Islam in Helmand and Basra because it will hear nothing said to the detriment of its enemies. Instead it is focussed on virtue signalling its hatred towards the very people who are trying to warn it. Police, press and politicians should stick to their day jobs of upholding the law, reporting the truth and representing their electorates, before it is too late to do those things at all.

And everyone would be wise to listen up to what Emmanuel Goldstein is trying to tell them.