Supporters of the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) have universally welcomed a decision for Anne Marie Waters to speak at their next march in Birmingham later this month.

FLA founder John Meighan broadcast the news on Sunday morning and messages of support have since come flooding in on the groups private Facebook page which has over 65,000 members. Anne Marie, an outspoken critic of Islam and leader of For Britain party, will now be the headline speaker when football fans from the FLA march in the second city on Saturday 24th March.

“Game changer that one,” said one FLA supporter, signalling his approval of the announcement.

Another user said: “This is a big step in the right direction now. The masses are waking up all over. Brum will be brought to a standstill, going to be huge.”

And another FLA member added: “Great addition to the legions of sensible, irrespective of race colour or creed, Great Britain’s waking up to the scourge of Islamic extremism. There’s nothing wrong with being right wing, the press has demonised the term. You never hear of left wingers being castigated for having their opinion. Good choice John.”


Other supporters urged the event to once again pass off peacefully, with no arrests being made at the first two demonstrations in London last year which saw tens of thousands pour out onto the streets.

“This is just the kind of high profile speaker we need to get the publicity,” said a different fan. “I urge everyone to behave impeccably on the day, let’s start getting recognised as a movement that wants to grow and get a voice that’s heard, we do that we can make waves in the corridors of power that listen and even start to get change in our country.”

The FLA will march from Curzon Street, close to Birmingham City University, on a pre-agreed route into the city centre from 1pm. A second speaker has since been confirmed in German Aline Morars, who recently co-founded the 120 decibel movement highlighting the rise in sexual violence against women at the hands of migrants.

The Football Lads Alliance was founded in June 2017 by property manager Meighan in response to the London Bridge terrorist attack and Manchester bombing where a suicide bomber targeted mainly women and children at an Ariana Grande concert.

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