The blind hatred for one man is so great that it now overrides the desire to help victims of abuse, victims who are desperately in need of help. When Tommy Robinson shared The#1400Campaign promotion, the usual far left blue-ticked haters were all over Twitter quickly smearing it and telling their followers not to back the campaign. With no proof that this was his campaign, these self appointed moral guardians and their followers were frothing at the mouth about his supposed agenda, how the helpline would cost people to use it (it’s a freephone number) and how he was exploiting the victims for his needs. All totally false of course, not that truth matters to these spiteful individuals. Irrational blind hate led them to jump on the wrong bandwagon and smear a campaign that has been months in the making, solely because Tommy shared it on his Facebook page. I wonder what these people were doing as Tommy spent this week raising £22,000 for Daisy’s special wheelchair, a seven year old with cerebral palsy? Busy tweeting how morally superior they are no doubt.

So what is the#1400Campaign and who are the people behind it?
Just over a year ago I was introduced to an abuse survivor from Rotherham, Elizabeth Harper, by a mutual acquaintance who believed that Elizabeth needed some support. Elizabeth, rightly so, was quite wary but slowly began to trust in me and soon we were speaking most days on the phone.
I have never once asked Elizabeth about the ‘grooming’ and years of abuse she suffered as one of Rotherham’s recorded 1400 victims. Why would I? I have a COSCA Certificate in Counselling but women like Elizabeth need specialised counselling, which is where the idea for the campaign started.

For the past few years I have been looking at ways in which a helpline for Muslim victims of child sexual abuse could be set up. Anyone who thinks that there is no abuse of Muslim children is sadly mistaken. The Muslim paedophiles will be raping the children in their own communities. They may not be raping them and passing them round their relatives to rape or trafficking them to strangers all across the UK as with the white girls, but raping them they will be. This is known in the community that I was raised in.
Muslim children are raped in the way most white paedophiles rape children, secretively. The shame and honour culture also stops many children from telling and so I had this idea for a helpline where children could call without fear, be listened to and be believed.
At the start of 2018 Elizabeth was finally going to see justice as one of her abusers was in court. I spoke to Elizabeth every day and it was an absolute honour to be a part of her journey and although the sentence the paedophile received was paltry, some justice was at least served.

A few weeks after the court case Elizabeth rang to say she had been to the doctors to ask if she could receive counselling as she was now ready to move on with her life. The reply she got was that she would have to pay for it herself.
That was the moment that the idea for the campaign began. I put together a proposal, organised meetings and conference calls with both Janice Atkinson and AltNewsMedia, and so began the work that was needed in order to secure funding. Along with a cameraman I visited Rotherham in August of this year and finally got to meet Elizabeth and her family. It sounds strange but it felt like I had known them forever. I met Jayne Senior, the whistle blower of Rotherham, and again felt like I had always known her.
We spent five days in Rotherham and we spoke to the survivors, victims and their families and filmed them for the campaign. There were tears and laughter, lots more laughter than tears. We spent a lot of our time in Swinton Lock, a charity that provides support for the people of Rotherham.

The#1400Campaign is Elizabeth’s campaign. The therapy she so desperately needs has been provided by helping with the running of the campaign, setting up social media sites, assisting with the editing of the videos, and most importantly of all for giving her a voice.
When I speak to those close to Elizabeth and hear from them how she has changed, for the better, how she has become stronger and more determined, then I know that The#1400Campaign is working even before it has been launched. I myself can hear the difference in Elizabeth, she tells me herself that she has a purpose and she wants to help other victims and survivors.

So when I see the blue-ticked hateful lowlife, and the so called feminists smearing the campaign because Tommy shared it, it makes me realise the truth. These people are just warped and bitter and cannot see beyond their hate for the good of the less fortunate. Tommy used his platform to publicise something that will help suffering people, which in any decent person’s thinking is a good thing. I wish they would save their outrage for the paedophiles who abused Elizabeth and the other 1400+ children in Rotherham. The truth and reality is clear, they simply don’t care about these crimes. They aren’t interested in providing the victims all the help they deserve.

Not one of them has apologised for their error and instead have demanded that Elizabeth ask Tommy to publicly announce that the campaign is not his. What a bunch of patronising buffoons! Who on earth are they to ask anyone to do anything? What have they ever done for anyone? Like the legacy mainstream media, they can never move past their own warped personalities and morals to give credit when Tommy uses his platform for good causes. Maybe they can give us a list of who can and cannot promote the campaign and share the videos when they are ready to be launched? Maybe Jeremy Corbyn can share it to his followers, or MPs who would rather the girls shut their mouths for the sake of diversity might be allowed.

Or perhaps they can do the decent thing and support a survivor with her campaign and her mission to save other children from suffering the evil that she did. Imagine that, the far left haters doing something for the good of humanity. Wouldn’t that be a pleasant change? Until then we will need to rely on Tommy to help us promote and provide the help so badly needed.