The date of the 6th of January 2021 is now engrained in everybody’s mind.

The media have deliberately(and offensively) tried to equate the events of that day with 9/11 and have sensationalised every aspect of the story in an attempt to discredit both Donald Trump and his supporters. Even as the ex President was still speaking and the first protesters entered the building, the narrative was already being written.

The New York Times and others rushed to tell us, without evidence, that Police Officer Brian Sicknick was struck on the head with a fire extinguisher and killed during the ‘riot’. We were told that protesters had zip ties and their intention was to tie up politicians and hold them hostage. We were told of gunshots violence and death which all combined to paint a picture of an unruly crowd that intended to wreak mob justice on anyone in their path.

This narrative was used to whip up the fervour needed to launch the failed impeachment trial of Donald Trump. The shameless Democrats even used the body of killed Officer Sicknick as some sort of sick propaganda prop by laying him in state inside the Rotunda of the building, with Democrats solemnly marching past. If you ask a member of the public today about the 6th of January, the vast majority will tell you that white supremacists and Trump supporters stormed the building and killed people. That they were only stopped from creating a much worse incident by a brave police force. This is patently untrue, yet the media have pushed this baseless lie.

The reality of January 6th exposes yet again how dishonest the mainstream media is and how it deliberately whips up anger against whoever they place in their cross hairs. The Democrats are in a fortunate position of not needing to pass legislation to drive their agenda, a corrupt MSM and Silicon Valley can do that for them. Big Tech is now worth more than 2/3 of the globe in terms of financial might, so when they align with a political party it is a genuine threat to democracy.

Joe Biden called Donald Trump a dictator because of the amount of executive orders he passed, however Biden has passed far more in his first month in office. An honest media would be calling out this hypocrisy, as they claimed trump was nothing short of a fascist dictator for doing (less of) the same. It’s hard not to forget how Trump was also called a fascist for criticising the media and their agenda against him, yet this week House Democrats have pressed Cable, Satellite and Streaming Providers about their decision to host conservative news channels such as Fox and OANN. Their justification of ‘spreading fake news’ was comical in the face of four years of the baseless Russia hoax being pushed by the left wing press.

The phrase they are everything that they accuse you of has never been more apt.

As the truth emerges from the Capitol building protests, here is what we know today. All those gun toting white supremacists and insurrectionist managed a total amount of zero gunshots. The only shot fired was at unarmed young female Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt. She was hit with a single bullet from close range fired by a Police Officer, and she sadly succumbed to her injuries in the building.

But those other four deaths, they’re proof of the violent insurrection right? Errr, no. Officer Sicknick who we were told was killed via an assault with a fire extinguisher texted his family after the event and was reported to be in good spirits. His autopsy results still hasn’t been released (why?) but the family have indicated that he died from natural causes, namely a stroke long after the Capitol event had ended. The New York times quietly withdrew it’s original ‘extinguisher story’, but no matter, the original falsehood had delivered the desired effect.

So what of the other three deaths? Two were natural causes, a cardiac arrest and a stroke suffered by two of the protesters . The final death was another protester who succumbed to the weight of the crowd and sadly was crushed accidentally. None of the deaths were of a result of violence, bar the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, yet the media has done practically nothing to set the record straight on the whole event. Consider the coverage initially and contrast with what you are now seeing about the facts we know today.

Oh, and the zip tie story was debunked, as police admitted that security footage showed a protestor just picking them up off a table, they hadn’t entered with the intention of taking hostages at all.

The MSM bizarrely still claim that the new boogeymen ‘white supremacists’ and Trump supporters were the only people involved, despite the highest profile arrest being known Black Lives Matter activist John Sullivan, who is rather black for a white supremacist. The other high profile arrest, Jake Angeli – the shaman guy in the antlers – has been complaining about his organic food in custody, hardly your stereotypical Trump supporter! Despite what the media wants you to believe, these people do not represent 75 million Americans. One cannot help but laugh at the hypocrisy of a media who are outraged at criticism of Islam after a terror attack, but are happy to demonise an entire group of Trump supporters because of the actions of a tiny few.

While we do not want controls on the Free Press , the role of Mainstream Media in radicalising people and inciting unrest cannot be ignored. When a lie is published without evidence, as we see again and again, the outlet must be forced to explain and if dishonesty and activism / propaganda proves to be the root cause then hefty fines must surely follow. The division, hatred and toxicity that exists at the moment, I humbly suggest, is primarily caused by the role of the Fake News Media.

As a footnote, the Democrats continue to dovetail with the media and big tech in order to push their agenda of compromising and demonising political opponents. Attorney General pick Judge Merrick Garland told the Senate Panel that his ‘top priority’ would be to investigate the ‘Capitol riot’ (that wasn’t a riot) should he be successful in being nominated.

Judge Merrick B. Garland said on Monday that the United States faces “a more dangerous period” from domestic extremists than it faced at the time of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and praised the early stages of the investigation into the “white supremacists and others who stormed the Capitol” on Jan. 6 as appropriately aggressive.

“I can assure you that this would be my first priority and my first briefing when I return to the department if I am confirmed,” Judge Garland told the Senate Judiciary Committee at his confirmation hearing to be attorney general.

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