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My activism against Jihad, violent Sharia Law and Islamic terrorism began in 2012. Since the beginning of my preaching against Islamic extremism, I received little to no support from anyone outside my minority circle.

One man, however, believed that my voice as the ‘Imam of Peace’ should be heard, and began to communicate with me privately to try and better understand how we could both combat both Islamic terrorism and grooming gangs. That person was Tommy Robinson, and it showed me his genuine desire to understand the danger facing his country and nation.

The month of May became a month of resistance for those doing whatever it takes to protect their right to free speech, especially in the United Kingdom. During the first week of May 2018, thousands of concerned UK citizens gathered at Whitehall, London, to express their condemnation of the constant censorship they are suffering on a daily basis; whether it be on social media or the many other public platforms.

On 25th May, millions worldwide took to social media to express their disgust and outrage at yet another attack on free speech and independent journalism, this time for the arrest of Tommy Robinson. For nearly two years, Tommy has been at the centre of the free speech movement in Europe, and his approach to expose grooming gangs within his country resulted in his permanent ban from Twitter in late March this year.

One cannot deny that Britain has been hit with a wave of Muslim rape-gangs. In fact, more than 700 women and girls have been sexually abused and assaulted by Pakistani grooming gangs around Newcastle alone, some girls being as young as 11. I disagree with Tommy Robinson on various issues, while many others might completely reject what he stands for. However, we cannot deny the fact that Tommy Robinson has taken a much more professional approach in his activism in recent years.

On 25th May, Tommy was fighting for the protection of innocent women and children outside Leeds Crown Court, and insisting to expose the criminals, before his arrest for ‘breaching the peace’ and subsequent sentencing of 13 months in prison for contempt of court. The mainstream media in the UK, on the other hand, has done more reporting on the arrest of Tommy Robinson than the actual rape gangs who have been convicted of serious offences including rape, sexual abuse, supplying drugs and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The sad reality is that the mainstream media and UK judiciary are more concerned about the reputation of Islam than Muslims themselves. If my co-religionists really cared about the face of their religion, they wouldn’t have committed over 1,000 rape crimes across the United Kingdom in recent years alone. The truth is that many of our own Imams and faith leaders in the UK are corrupt, with several of them having been caught and prosecuted for sexually abusing, or in the process of grooming, young children.

In July last year, Mohammed Haji Saddique, a Cardiff Imam, was jailed for 13 years for sexually touching young girls as they recited the Holy Quran. While Manzoor Hussain, Imam of Lower Cheltenham Place Mosque, raped a 12-year-old girl within his mosque. And on 23rd May 2018, Nottinghamshire Imam, Mohammad Rabani, was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old Muslim boy for two consecutive years. If this is what takes place by Muslim Imams in a mosque, a place of holiness, why are we surprised at Muslim grooming gangs in public?

The arrest and sentencing of Tommy Robinson has raised many serious questions. He has been sentenced to 13 months in prison for the ‘crime’ of questioning alleged rapists as they enter the courtroom, defined by law as contempt of court. While Islamic extremist Abdul Hamid walks freely in London after whipping Hyde Park attendees with a stick and threatening a fellow preacher by saying “I will smash your face in” and “I will rip your head off”. This special treatment towards Islamic extremists speaks volumes about the priorities of the UK police and legal system.

What’s more alarming is the latest Public Order Offences Guidelines published on 9th May, which includes in its seventh section: ‘Racial Hatred Offences and Hatred Against Persons on Religious Grounds…’ that: “The legislation prohibits a range of activity including: use of words or behaviour or display of written material; publishing or distributing written material; public performance of play; distributing, showing or playing a recording; broadcasting or including in a programme service; and possession of racially inflammatory material where the offender intends to stir up racial hatred, and in some cases having regard to all the circumstances, racial hatred is likely to be stirred up. All offences carry a 7-year statutory maximum sentence.”

To me, this legislation seems to be proposed in order to legally target and imprison those who expose Islamic extremists.

While looking back at the surroundings of Tommy Robinson’s arrest and 13-month sentencing, we find that he was convicted of a ‘crime’ which no media organisation could report on, his name, offence and location were hidden from the public. The painful truth is that under the laws of Sharia and in a UK Sharia Court, for instance, Tommy Robinson wouldn’t have received such a harsh sentencing – simply because the video taken by Tommy outside the crown court shows a Muslim threatening to rape his mum and harm her, and would have probably been given a warning. The UK’s ‘democratic’ legal system has murdered its reputation and proven that even Sharia courts could be more reasonable in their sentencing.


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