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Four loathsome Islamic State terrorists who travelled from the UK to Syria were named “The Beatles” because of their British accents. These four monsters operated as executioners, beheading 27 innocent people that they captured and torturing many more. Mohammad Emwazi aka “Jihadi John” was subsequently vaporised in a drone strike. Aine Davis, is serving a seven-and-a-half year jail sentence in Turkey. That leaves Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh who have recently been captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces and are being interrogated by U.S. interrogators.

A little background on this pair.

“As a guard for the cell, Kotey likely engaged in the group’s executions and exceptionally cruel torture methods, including electric shock and waterboarding,” the department said. “Kotey has also acted as an Isil recruiter and is responsible for recruiting several UK nationals to join the terrorist organisation. Elsheikh was said to have earned a reputation for waterboarding, mock executions and crucifixions while serving as an Isis jailer.”

The question is – what fate should they meet?

There are different options that are under consideration.

It has been suggested they could be sent to the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay. Thankfully President Trump has stated that Guantanamo will stay open, confounding Obama’s wish to close it and so enabling this to be an option. The British Government has, predictably, poured scorn on this option. It virtue signals….

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: “The UK government’s long-standing position is that the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay should close. We continue to engage with the US government on this issue, as we do on a range of national security issues.”

Alternatively, they could be put on criminal trial in the US or at the International Criminal Court, The Hague, which can prosecute people for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and aggression.

One of the group’s hostages, who was eventually set free, expressed the hope that the men would be put on trial in Britain. “I would like to see them brought back to Britain,” said the French journalist Nicolas Henin. “I would like to see all other European jihadis brought back to their home countries, to be judged fairly in their home country.”

Since the British passports of this pair have been revoked they cannot return to the UK to face justice so the wishes of Mr Henin will be frustrated (Also begging the question WHY did we not do the same with the hundreds of returning Islamic State fighters now allowed back into this country?)

If they go to Guantanamo they will be well fed and taken care of. They deserve neither. Any trial will end up as a media circus – be it at the Hague or in the States. The Human Rights Industry will seek to present these victim makers as if they are victims. Given that the crimes they committed were carried out in Syria, why not hand them over to the Syrian Government. The penalty for carrying out acts of terrorism in Syria is execution. It strikes me that this would be the best fate for these executioners.

David Vance

David Vance used to be disgusted but now he tries to be amused! Editor of BiasedBBC.org and ATangledWeb.org, he has appeared on all forms of legacy media but has had enough of that! In the battle for truth and liberty, he prefers the front line. Join our fight back here on AltNewsMedia and subscribe to the platform.

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