AltNewsMedia has been provided with some very disturbing footage of what is happening at the Spanish borders and along the Spanish coast.

First, this shocking footage from Santi Petri, Cadiz. It was allegedly filmed Saturday 25th August. Note the absence of women and children. All men – of fighting age. They seem to know exactly where to go.

Then this footage taken at the border between Spain and Morocco in Ceuta. Over 400 migrants armed with acid, homemade flame throwers and knives confronted the Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional. The outcome was in favour of the migrants who managed to breach the double concertina razor wire and entered Ceuta. Many of these claimed asylum. There is an unfolding story nearby with migrants from Morocco that originate from Mali and Niger.

The legacy media chooses to downplay if not entirely ignore this.

If it looks like an invasion, and it walks like an invasion, AltNewsMedia suggests it IS an invasion.