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The first thing I saw online this morning was the YouTube clip which I have posted here. It was posted on Gab by an account called @MemorialRifleRange and is the work of a YouTube account known as Political Juice. Both of these accounts are well worthy of a follow/subscription in their respective online habitats, in my opinion.

This clip runs just shy of 45 minutes and I am aware that almost three-quarters of an hour represents a large chunk of a modern-era attention span, including my own. I struggle to remember the last time I gave anything on YouTube my full undivided attention for that length of time, but to put this into perspective it’s slightly less than half of a football match* and is, again in my opinion, an infinitely more valuable investment of your time.

It concerns the 2nd Amendment** of the American Constitution. On that basis I accept there may be a temptation for non-Americans to ignore it. This I think would be a big mistake. In the run-up to the American Revolution there are direct parallels with the UK’s current (and future, if we don’t stand firm) status as an abused colony of the European Union. If you don’t believe me just watch from 7.00 for a few minutes and substitute The Crown for The European Union. If you have the best interests of Western civilisation at heart, I defy you not to then watch the whole clip.

OK, The whole “Western Civilisation” thing may seem on the face of it a tad dramatic, but only if you don’t see that:

  1. The Deep State’s blatant attempts***  to interfere with the 2nd Amendment is an existential threat to the 1st Amendment**** and that:
  2. The United States under Donald Trump’s leadership, for better or worse, is the last hope of halting and hopefully turning back the tide of depravity both from within and without our borders, which threatens to engulf us and that:
  3. The 1st Amendment underpins Western Civilisation in the sense that all recent updates to Western legal systems, even those which originated in violence were refined in the debating chamber.

Interestingly from 24.30 we get a glimpse of the now-robotic Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s jurisprudence from the time before the Deep State people showed her the videos with the German Shepherds or however they compromised her.

So watch it, share it everywhere you can. Or don’t. There’s always the football.


*A proper football match. I have no idea how long an American football match lasts.

**The one with the guns.

***via its political wing- The Democrat Party -and their deeply compromised Hollywood and mainstream media cheer-leaders.

**** The one with the free speech.