Did you see this video of a feral gang using a JCB to help loot a Lidl in west Dublin last night?

Here’s a harsh truth. Ireland has a major problem with African gangs terrorising the Irish and yet it is almost deemed a hate crime to even discuss it. When I pointed this out on Twitter last night, I was accused of being “a racist”. However denial does not change the facts.

Here’s a picture from inside the looted store of one of the feral looters. Not exactly white Irish?


As a further clue, here’s an Irish Primary school, Dublin, St Patrick’s Day 2017.


The sweet scent of diversity. And DO remember that today’s demography is tomorrow’s reality.The Irish Government actively seek to replace the Irish. Watch this video for an insight of the scale of the replacement espoused by the Government.

The “Ireland 2040” plan being relentlessly pushed by the Irish Government will change the face of Ireland forever. In essence it will become the sort of sh*thole that many of the “new” Irish hail from. St Patrick must be turning in his grave!