Writing exclusively for AltNewsMedia, Imam Tawhidi – better known as the Imam of Peace – shines a light on the violent hatred of British Sunni Muslim Abdul Hamid and asks: how far will we allow him to go?

In recent times, videos of violence have emerged on social media wherein Abdul Hamid who labels himself as ‘Abu Ismail Al Farsi’ is seen aggressively and viciously attacking preachers in Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park. In one video published in July 2017, Abdul Hamid threatens a fellow park attendee by saying “I will smash your face in, don’t you fucking try me.” As the Muslim is restrained by several people, he repeatedly issues the sinister warning: “I will rip your head off”.

During the free speech rally at Speakers’ Corner on the 18thMarch 2018, Abdul Hamid used a flag pole snatched off another person to attack and whip members of the public and others from the Hyde Park audience. Hamid’s violent tendencies shone through that day and have been widely shared on various social media platforms, proving once again his danger to society and the public.


Hamid caught on camera violently attacking another Hype Park attendee

Earlier this year, a video of an ISIS attack on a minority Islamic congregation was circulated on the internet. The video showed children screaming and crying as bullets showered their event. While thousands raced to condemn the actions of ISIS towards these innocent children, Abdul Hamid praised the attack, and turned violent in Speakers’ Corner when confronted about his comments on social media in support of ISIS.

However, Abdul Hamid is not alone. His ‘partner in crime’ Hassan Hossein Shimrani (Sayed Abbasi), also has a history of extremist behaviour and affiliations. Hamid and Shimrani are both part of a YouTube channel, The Sunni Defence, that produces content based on an ideology derived from hard-line Sunni Islam, and promotes militant Islamism, Islamic extremism, Jihadism and which contributes to the radicalisation of vulnerable Muslim youth.

In one of their now-deleted videos, a background song with lyrics promoting beheadings was used. The song was Zalzilu Arsh Al Saleeb, which is a motivational ISIS song containing the following lyrics: “Shake the throne of the Christian cross, extinguish the fire of the Zoroastrians (derogatory term used by extremists when referring to Persian Shia Muslims), hurry up, and chop off those heads, throw their heads away, do not care about the enemies, do not fear the Jews…” and which can be heard here.

The video was deleted from their YouTube channel however we managed to obtain a screenshot of the terrorist content being shared on their social media pages. The song, promoting ISIS activities and the beheading of those that disagreed with their ideology, was also shared on to Shimrani’s Facebook page before being quietly deleted soon after:


A screenshot captured by Imam Tawhidi

Hamid is a regular attendee at Speakers’ Corner in London and, as detailed above, has shown his propensity to violence as well as the distribution of a song that glorifies the decapitation of the majority of people in civilised Western society.

It is without doubt that many preachers in London are concerned about the activities and recent behaviours of Hamid and Shimrani, and the circle of vulnerable youth they are influencing within the United Kingdom – and whose actions could reasonably be considered as paving the way for a deadly terrorist attack.

Unfortunately, despite the Metropolitan Police reportedly arresting Hamid this week before releasing him on bail, we are still yet to see any serious action taken by the police or intelligence services, or any charges brought by the Crown Prosecution Service; despite his actions representing a clear threat to national security. One would hope, however, that these extremists are under continual surveillance and monitoring otherwise the public will rightly question the priorities of UK policing should Abdul Hamid cause the public any harm which of course, by then, would be far too late.

Terrorists aren’t born terrorists, they develop into terrorists. Such an alarming matter should be brought to the attention of the British law enforcement authorities by every citizen concerned about the safety of the United Kingdom.

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