Being a former Engineer Officer in  the British Merchant Navy, I look upon the sea as part of my life, and I still read many maritime articles and online magazines. I chanced upon an article on Splash regarding China, and the author’s views upon that vicious dictatorship. I hope that you might read it yourself, and also read my reply to this journalist:-

Viewed from the one instance of his writing, Andrew Craig Bennett can be identified as a self-censoring writer by the very fact that he does not identify, by its proper name, Taiwan, The Republic  of China.  I presume that he does not wish to identify Taiwan, the Nation-State, because he prefers to self-censor his writing rather than upset the giant Communist People’s Republic of China, of which he writes so approvingly further further down his essay.

So lets just have a glance at these badly slanted and somewhat puzzling puddles of vitriol splattered over his essay.

It is a fact that, by virtue of arms, violence and battle-diplomacy, the corrupt and incompetent Chinese empire was ruthlessly and efficiently demolished by a well-armed and competently-led Western Alliance. After the siege of Beijing, itself brought about after the Empire, this encouraged the ‘Boxers’ (“Righteous and Harmonious Militia”) to attack all that was Western, and especially Religious. The Empire itself was dissolved into chaos and the West moved in, Trading Houses were established in Shanghai, and the pattern of the China trade was established, backed up by the well-trained, efficient and battle-hardened Western Navies and military forces.

China stumbled onward, involving itself in WW1, hoping to gain influence in diplomatic circles, but dissolved into a period when warlords ruled. The Communists began their revolution, but were overshadowed by the Kuomintang Party, under General Chiang Shai-Shek. Kuomintang succeeded in unifying China, but Communists withdrew to the interior. The Japanese invaded Manchuria, the Kuomintang and the Communists retreated to the farthest reaches, and carried out a guerilla war against the Japanese. WW2 ends at Hiroshima and Nagasaki; whereupon the Communists attack their fellow Chinese in the Kuomintang, who decamp over the straits to Taiwan.

The Communist People’s Republic of China, stands now proud and strong in the Far East. Never mind how it got there, its’ wealth and power are undisputed. Ignore the mass-murders and mini-genocides under the peadophile Mao-tse-Tung; ignore the corruption, the slaughter-abortion of millions of babies; ignore the invasion of Tibet, even ignore the imprisonment of two million Muslim Uyghurs simply because they are Muslim. The National wealth has been generated by a sort of corrupted Capitalism, aided by Western companies building their factories in China, all in aid of more shareholder profits. It is a total dictatorship; ruled with absolute power by one man, dealing out his power through eleven Geriatric Committee members, who then dictate the ‘word’ to a hand-picked Assembly, whose ranks never, ever murmur dissent.

Compare this ruthless bloodstained mob with the second-oldest Democracy in the World, the United States of America. Built from scratch by the founders, men who understood politicians, assembled after a bloody War of Independence from Great Britain, perhaps the oldest Democracy going. The United States is not, as described by this apologist for terror and bloodshed, ruled by a sulky Child-Emperor, but by a  PRESIDENT who is a billionaire businessman-cum-politician, freely elected. A president who firstly recognised the threat which is China, and secondly worked out the way to deal with China – is to treat it as what it really is, an Enemy to all things Free.

The next target of Mr. Craig-Bennet is Great Britain and Northern Ireland, (GB&NI) the country of my birth. He calls us a ‘satrapy’. One presumes he means a low-level henchman or hanger-on. I would wonder how he came to that conclusion, when  history recalls that Great Britain’s sons fought alongside those of America in two World Wars, as well as a small uprising in Korea, where the Chinese, despite overwhelming manpower, were forced to retreat after American and British forces showed them how to wage war and win. He also derides GB&NI for breaking with the European Union, calling this action a ‘fit of sulks’, when it was a true essay in Democracy, where a genuine vote told a Government that we no longer wished to remain within a bureaucratic dictatorship.

He finishes by stating that the Communists acted ‘decisively’ when the coronavirus struck. If by ‘decisively’ he means by silencing all the medical professionals who attempted to shout a warning, ‘decisively’ by welding bars across victims’ windows to prevent then leaving, and by lying about when the Virus was discovered then yep, decisive it was!