When the EU was first envisaged, it was called the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). But this was just the next step towards the domination of Europe, in a plan first envisaged by two young men, an Englishman named Arthur Salter, and a Frenchman named Jean Monnet; when they worked together during the First World War. They planned to work towards a Europe-wide Federal State, governed and run by unelected bureaucrats and civil servants, who owed their allegiance to no single Nation State, but instead the ever-widening tentacles of the Organisation which, slowly but surely, morphed its way into the European Union of today. With the bureaucrats’ devious plans which took away the fact that one Nation could spoil the plans of many, and replaced it with Qualified Majority Voting; they neutered the noisy people like Great Britain, and moved ever onwards towards their goal, which is, and always was, the Hegemony of the European Commission and the Council over all those noisy Nation States. But they forgot one tiny, small, insignificant detail, which is, simply put: as Harold MacMillan is said to have sighed, ‘Events, dear boy; Events”.

The so-called Arab Spring, which commenced with the self-immolation of a street-vendor in Tunisia, followed by the overthrow of that Government achieved little of what was forecast, apart from the removal of Libya’s Gaddaffi, with (as our CIA friends used to say ‘extreme prejudice’) after French, British and American air power decimated the dictator’s armour, and the opposition fought their way down the coastline towards Tripoli. Scenting trouble, the Bahreini Monarch called upon his mates in Saudi Arabia, and the armoured columns rolled down the newly surfaced causeway into Bahrein, and battered the opposition senseless. Egypt’s Mubarak was deposed, and elections were held; but when the Muslim Brotherhood gained the Presidency, the Army swiftly stepped in, shopped or shot a lot of protesters, and whoof, there was a new president, strangely enough a Mubarak protege; Abdel Fatah el-Sisi.

But the single struggle which didn’t topple the reigning President was that in Syria, with Bashar al-Assad. The protesters against Assad were Islamic fundamentalists, who cared little for Assad’s easy-going style of rule, which wasn’t very Islamic, but instead was in fact a European-style heavy man. He treated everyone the same, Christians, Jews, Salafists. An Alawi by birth, Assad became Sunni by conversion, but the mainstream Syrians like him because he is just that, neutral, and of course because his bestest best friend, Russia’s Putin, won’t let him down. They’ve given him that precious gift, Russian air power, plus Russian marines on the ground, and Russian Navy ships as well. Syria gives Russia what it has always craved, a Mediterranean port, and unlike Egypt and Libya, Syria is no fair-weather friend.

So the Syrian war erupted, and the floods of (alleged) refugees poured across the Turkish borders, and across the narrow straits towards the Greek islands. The Turks sent the columns marching towards the Greek borders in waves, by water to the islands; from the refugee camps close to the shores, towards Lesbos and the Aegean islands, the Greek mainland, and then onwards up through the Balkan corridor towards Hungary, Austria, and the prize: Germany. After the first floods, thousands strong, passed through Croatia and Hungary, those Governments didn’t like what they saw one bit, with the vast majority being young men, Muslims all; of fighting age, unburdened by families, marching over their borders. The Austrians followed the Hungarians’ panic, new laws were hastily drafted, ignoring the EU Schengen agreements, and the barbed wire barriers came down across the ‘refugees’ marching route. Stranding thousands in Croatia, the Greek Islands and on the Macedonian border; and that is where they have stayed.

Hungary now voted in a firebrand Prime Minister named Orban, and, being typically Hungarian, commenced giving the EU a really hard time, especially when the EU Commission decided, unilaterally, that the tens of thousands of ‘refugees’, still swarming up now from a tattered Libya towards Greece and Italy in anything which could float; should be ‘shared’ out equally between the 28 EU Nations. This ‘Diktat’ from the EU was like a lit match amongst the dryest of tinder and straw, and Orban told the EU what exactly they could do with their ‘sharing refugees’ plan. A strongly Nationalist Government in Hungary, called ‘populist’ by the EU elite, was also being pressured from within by the speculator and ultra-liberal billionaire George Soros, who called for all borders to be opened, and allowing all the ‘effing refugees to come in whenever! This Soros call cheesed Prime Minister Orban off enough to get him passing  new set of laws through Parliament, these Laws aimed specifically at stopping the Soros’ funded Central European University from existing: as well as saddling any outfit even considering helping illegal refugees with hefty, really hefty fines as well as imprisonment.

If you gaze at the Mediterranean map, you will see the three Southern EU nations which have pulled up the drawbridge against the economic migrants flooding over from North Africa, and from Turkey. Greece (a little bit late, it has to be stated), Malta and Italy.

So Italy finally elected a Government with a big set of testes, and a Government which keeps its own campaign promises (remind anyone of The Donald?). When a set of stupid do-gooders with more (charitable donations gratefully accepted) cash than sense, running a illegal migrant ferry-boat service from offshore Libya to Italy calls up and states, ‘We’ve got 600-odd bodies, where can we drop them off,’ the reply from Italy’s Foreign Minister was like an arrow straight through the gut: ‘We don’t care how many ‘illegals’ you have, you ain’t gonna dump them in Italy. Try elsewhere, but Italy is closing its doors and ports to you, and the likes of you.”  And who can blame them? With the totals of the swarm-from-the-South now numbering over 640,000 over a five-year period, and with France setting up barriers with guns and dogs to prevent the vermin crossing the border; Italy, after their own election, decided that the old saying ‘enough is definitely enough’ was the correct attitude to adopt. They dropped the hammer on the virtue-dripping do-gooder ‘Rescue’ brigades; which was the first solid action anyone has ever taken against this ultra-liberal crowd.

Spain has, foolishly in my own opinion, said ‘yes, we’ll take the odd 600 ashore’; but just wait until the next 10,000 come splashing ashore, ready to claim the benefits of the EU. The Spanish have had bad memories, possibly buried, but in a fairly shallow grave; of the invasion and Caliphate rule over all of Spain. From A.D. 0714 to A.D. 1614; for over 900 years: the Moors, the Arabs, the MUSLIM CALIPHATE ruled over Spain, they demolished and burnt the Christian cathedrals, they killed and mutilated their captives, they demanded only one thing; obeisance to their bloody prophet, and observance and acceptance of Islam, and Allah as the only god. The Spanish only have to look at the present, with muslims demanding the right to bow, scrape and generally hold islamic meditation or jihadi-promotion sessions in Cordoba cathedral, to be warned what is heading down the freeway; straight towards them!

Meanwhile, the eastern EU nations are turning the screws on the Commission in other ways. Poland’s Government at first accepted that they would accept 10,000 migrants; but after that party was replaced by a Right-wing Party, the loss partly due, some would aver, of that particular policy statement regarding refugees: the new leadership stating flatly that they would not accept one refugee, never mind ten thousand!

The leaders of those EU nations who have a stake in the game are meeting in Brussels in emergency session, but without Italy, whose Foreign Minister has stated that not only are the Italians not taking any more ‘reffo’s’, they are actively exploring how to deport them back to some dusty spot in the Sahara.