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The Labour Party has collapsed into a state of civil war and the battleground is Twitter.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Labour Party is now under control of the hard left. John Lansman’s privately owned company Momentum has a majority of seats.

Ann Black was dropped from the Momentum slate for NEC elections and consequently lost her place on the NEC. Today she was standing to be chair of Labour’s National Policy Forum (NPF) and was widely expected to win.

Not an organisation to tolerate any challenge the Momentum dominated Labour NEC called an emergency meeting and cancelled the NPF election. They claimed insufficient notice had been given despite no such rule existing. You can watch as the NPF meeting descends into chaos.

Then the hard left Corbyn supporting MP Chris Williamson called Natalie Fleet a liar despite him not being there:

Natalie was not having any of it:

John Woodcock MP defended Natalie from this abuse:

But Chris Williamson MP doubled down:

John has a second go at bringing reasonable behaviour to the discussion:

Luciana Berger MP confirmed Natalie’s version of events.

Other Labour MPs have also expressed their outrage:



As have MSPs:

The moderates in Labour have brought this on themselves. They have stood by and watched as their party has been stolen by Momentum. The Labour Party no longer exists in any recognisable form, it has been hijacked by hard left entryists.

The question is – what are the moderate MPs and members going to do about it? They have appeared impotent so far.


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