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Despite campaigning on an isolationist ticket Donald Trump has found a new hobby – flicking lit matches into piles of gunpowder around the world. The Donald has torn up the Iran deal, threatened North Korean ‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong-un with ‘fire and fury’ and moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He is quickly becoming a neo-conservative’s wet dream.

Oddly, with the move of the embassy, Trump has also gained the affection of Evangelical Christians who believe that the return of the Jews to Israel will bring about the second coming of Christ and trigger the rapture.

The move of the embassy has predictably caused trouble on the Israel-Gaza border as Palestinians, led by Hamas, ‘peacefully’ protest by throwing stones, Molotov cocktails and setting fire to tyres creating dramatic scenes of thick black smoke streaked with white tear gas delivered by Israel Defence Force drones.

Six weeks of protest culminated in the death of 62 Palestinians at which point Israel received global media condemnation and charged with massacring innocent civilians. The tragedy of the conflict was that it actually provided some welcome relief from the royal wedding preparations dominating the news.

The protests, stoked by the internationally recognised terrorist group; Hamas, had seen the use of grenades, pipe bombs and flaming kites flown over the border and used to create bush fires. IDF drones, first used to distribute leaflets warning protestors not to breach the border, were shot down with rifles and slingshots.

Yahya Sinwar, leader of Hamas in Gaza said the aim of the protests were to attack the Jewish population who live less than a mile away from the border: ‘We will take down the border and we will tear out their hearts from their bodies.’

Back in the UK, since the rise of Jeremy Corbyn to political relevance, Israel-bashing is back in fashion as Guardianista, Owen Jones took to Number 10 shrieking that Israel’s defence of its border from terrotist was a cold hearted ‘massacre.’ Jones captured the mood of the hard left who all took the opportunity to poor scorn on Israel’s ‘indiscriminate’ attack on people threatening to cut out their hearts.

Hamas Official, Salah al-Bardawi, admitted 50 of those killed where members of Hamas while Islamic Jihad published a statement saying a further three of those killed belonged in their ranks.

Along with ignoring threats of barbarism by the Palestinians, those who like to think of Israel as uniquely evil imperialists, also ignore the attempts of Palestinians to breach the border with explosives. Also ignored; Hamas’s funding of protesters who breach the border and receive injuries, Israel’s attempt at non-lethal resolutions and the close proximity of Israeli citizens who are under threat from murderous criminals.

The situation of Palestinians in Gaza is clearly desperate thanks to blockades imposed on Gaza to stem the flow of weapons to Hamas – having the tragic consequence of also crippling their economy. Rather than recognise the reality of the situation, Hamas has instead preferred to cultivate rage and create chaos leaving Israel with no other option but to defend its border with lethal force from Islamic fundamentalists.

Those who argue that Israel’s response was ‘disproportionate’ are really saying they would like to have seen at least few dead Jews before they defended themselves.