Opinion by Grandpa1940

I have spent the decades of my life doing what I consider to be right for my family, for my beloved wife, and lastly, for myself. Over that time I have also observed politicians of all Party colours, creeds and shades of belief; stances taken and promises kept. I have come to the conclusion that we here in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, apart from the endless flow of immigrants, have been consistently ignored as to the manner in which ‘WE’ wish to proceed.

We are, I believe, a Nation which holds, in varying degrees, a Right Wing attitude. But we have allowed ourselves to be ruled, and indeed overruled, by a cabal of politicians from both the Left and the Centre; who have consistently promised one ideal, but secretly worked to dilute the very thing which made us British.

Can the reader imagine a situation today where the Government, facing a bloodthirsty Dictatorship which not only threatens a friendly Nation which has diplomatic and treaty ties to GB&NI, but also proceeds to attack and invade that Nation; has to decide, very speedily, what to do?

In the years before I was born, Adolf Hitler bluffed, threatened and bullied his path towards his goal of a new German Reich. The Saar referendum was riddled with voter fraud, but the League of Nations accepted the result of a 90% vote to be re-joined to a triumphant Germany. This move was swiftly followed by invasion and annexation of the Rhineland; and this illegal move was quickly followed by Hitler’s annexation of Austria. The next target for Hitler’s Reich was the choice of Czechoslovakia, which had a large German-speaking population along its border with Germany. Hitler pulled France and Great Britain into his web, as he tried to justify an invasion of a sovereign country on the grounds that a large proportion wished him to advance across their common border.

An isolationist France, itself with the largest standing army in Europe, considered itself immune from German military threats; and a British Prime Minister, again with a chunk of his own Party making approving noises towards the Fascist Germans, organised the overrunning of the  Czech border by the triumphant Nazi tanks, without a shot being fired. This on the grounds that Czechoslovakia was allowed to be overrun by the Nazis ‘because of a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing.’

Hitler’s next target was Poland, and he was confident of success, partly because of his ploy that Danzig was German, and access across Poland was thus justified. He also secretly joined with his mortal enemy Soviet Russia to carve up Poland between the two Powers. He ignored British warnings that Treaties existed between Poland and both France and Great Britain; which was unfortunate because Prime Minister Chamberlain had Winston Churchill breathing down his back, with his long-held belief that Adolf Hitler could not be trusted. So it was that a British Diplomatic Note was sent to Berlin by a Pacifist, Isolationist Prime Minister; who had finally realised that he had been played for a fool by Hitler, and so the Second World War began.

But my point is this:- Consider Russia, which schemed and plotted to firstly occupy and annex the Crimea, and secondly to employ, by stealth, a veritable undeclared army to help annex large areas of the Ukraine itself. What would have happened if the Ukraine had succeeded in Treaty arrangements with the European Union, with Great Britain as still a slightly unwilling Member nation. Would either a pacifist-leaning EU, or GB&NI as also a member of NATO, had the courage to stand up to the new bully on the block, and tell Putin’s Russia to cease and desist, or face the distinct possibility of NATO forces being deployed in Ukraine’s defence?

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