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Guest article by Benjamin Sanders

By now most of the world has been informed by the ‘objective’ mainstream media of the ‘awful far-right neo-Nazi uprising’ that took place in the eastern German city of Chemnitz this past week. Oh the horror! But of course the reality of what happened in the city is actually rather different.

In the early hours of the 26th August, it was reported that a large brawl broke out between groups of people ‘from various nationalities’, near a street festival that had been taking place. Daniel Hillig, who is believed to have been from the German-Cuban community, was stabbed and later died in Hospital. The two main suspects were identified as a 22 year old Iraqi and a 23 year old Syrian, named as Yousif Ibrahim Abdullah and Alaa Sheikhi.

The only reason we know the names and nationalities of the suspects is because a member of law enforcement leaked the details. German authorities have a notorious record of covering up migrant crime, and so German citizens themselves are often kept in the dark about what is happening in their country. Federal authorities are reportedly investigating how the leak occurred, as they see it as evidence that there are ‘anti-immigrant sympathisers’ working within the law enforcement system.

Following the stabbing, large scale protests broke out which were centred around a large statue of Karl Marx; (between 1953 and 1990, Chemnitz was actually known as Karl-Marx-Stadt). The mainstream media seemed to instantly panic over the demonstrations, and immediately labelled the event as a ‘far-right, neo-Nazi gathering.’ It is true that there were some neo-Nazis present who did the roman salute, but the vast majority of attendees were normal, peaceful German citizens concerned about mass migration.

Angela Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, condemned the protests, saying there was no room for ‘vigilantism, for groups that want to spread hatred on the streets, for intolerance and racism.’ Unsurprisingly the federal authorities didn’t seem to condemn the migrant attackers much, something which only added to frustrations. A video showing protesters confronting a mainstream media journalist is a must-watch, and shows the current level of ideological disparity between ordinary German citizens and the media.

It has been alleged that the man who was stabbed to death intervened to stop a woman being sexually assaulted, though the media have not reported on this. It also quite clear that the protests themselves were actually organised by the AfD Party and the populist ‘Pro Chemnitz’ group, rather than the neo-Nazis and football hooligans as the media initially asserted.

The ‘lugenpresse’ in Germany is incredibly powerful and works closely with the government in Berlin, which makes finding the truth about stories in the country all the more difficult. It is easy to forget, but the only reason the German media ever reported on the infamous Cologne sex attacks was because of people spreading the information on Facebook, and the fact that Breitbart picked up on the story.

Tensions in Germany are increasingly boiling under the surface, a sign that real institutional change is needed. Populist parties are on the rise, but until the mainstream media and political culture in Berlin is changed completely, little progress can be made.