The latest date that we are due to leave the EU is now 31st January 2020. At least I think it is, I have lost track to be quite honest, I am sure this thought has crossed many other minds too. Both Remain and Leave. The farce  just rumbles on and I am rather baffled with what are meant to be our political parties.

Each seems to blame the other for the delays, refusing to take any ownership for the problems that now engulf and and all interactions. Our mother of all parliaments, or so it was once,  is now just a home for childish  individuals who seem to think they know better than us. Who can forget the sulking over the recent prorogation of Parliament? Or the surly bullying from the diminutive Speaker with remarks getting more and more personal depending on how much the supposedly impartial Speaker disagreed with the point being raised!

Compare this with the German government of 1933. Hitler gave the German people an option to stay in or leave the League of Nations, the ineffectual forerunner of United Nations (who are now equally ineffective it seems). The Germans voted leave and so Germany duly left the League of Nations.

How terrible is our government and our politicians when they act, in democratic terms, worse than Hitler?
Ironically in the 30’s the Nazi Party used light comedy to take people’s minds of how dire their situation was. Looking at the state of entertainment today I often wonder how bad our situation is?

This brings me to decision to vote leave back in 2016, all that time ago, and the similarities with the 1930’s. Remember the barbed accusations about not knowing what we voted for, for being racist, for being a nationalist? For being too unintelligent to understand fully what it was really all about?

Nicola Sturgeon loves Scottish independence though, almost to the point of it being a virtue. Those who voted for an independent Scotland are proud Scots, compared to those who voted for Brexit and freedom from the EU as being  racist or xenophobic. The voice of the people often lost, drowned out by ignorance and arrogance of the media and the politicians.

So why vote leave?

1: Enforced poverty is a form of violence.

It is a fact that the European Union is a fundamentally pro-austerity institution.

The reality is that austerity measures were called for by the EU. They then set about ensuring that their rules were stuck to. Wages kept low, spending on public infrastructure reduced.
The European Union (alongside its legislative arm, the European Commission, and its monetary arm, the European Central Bank) is committed to the kinds of sweeping austerity measures that have been championed by Conservative governments here in the UK. The EU has either demanded or directly imposed austerity measures on several of its debt-ridden member states.  The most notable being Greece, but also burden of the 2008 crisis was borne by working families in the UK not the bankers .

Who were the ones hit the hardest? The working class.

Why keep your people poor, where was all the money going?

We often hear of millions being sent to the EU each month. We get told we get more back than we put in, if so, what is it being spent on? How can we be so financially benefited and yet having our services cut? Why are we losing police, why are there so many homeless? None of it adds up.

2: Don’t do as I do, do as I say. 

Whilst we are forced to endure poverty and suffer from a bad standard of public services, to the point where standard of living turns into a degenerative state, we see politicians, both home and in the EU, become richer and richer. Frank Dobbs who died this week continued to live in a council flat (in a mansion block no less)  in central London despite having a household income of over £100,000, plus ministerial expenses. Here

So whilst me and you suffer pay freezes, zero hours contracts and minimum wage an MEP earns 8,757 per month. This does not include expenses they are also able to claim. This year they received a 1.8% pay rise.

So if they are giving themselves Carte Blanche to live opulent lifestyles yet forcing us to live an austere lifestyle. Is that not immoral?

We are also reminded that in a report on corruption within the EU, 990 billion euros were lost. That is an EU report on itself. Have a look here from 2016 .

Not content with high salaries the greed they experience means they steal from the poor, they steal to the tune of 990 billion euros.

Yet we have homeless, and people dying on our streets.

3: The EU is unqualified to make decisions that affect ordinary people

Those who run the EU are unaccountable.
They don’t  know us, our hopes or our aspirations. They look down  with an arrogance.

They are given this power by our elected politicians. They abuse this power. How can you surrender your life to people who do not want to know you, your culture, your history?

In 1947 a book was published called “The Alternative”. This book argued that Fascist ideals based on nationalism was too narrow in scope, it needed to think bigger. The book advised that real Fascism could only be established if it became Pan-European, Europe under one Government. The author of that book was Oswald Mosley