If anything underlines the absolute disconnect between those who voted Remain, and kept on Remoaning, and those who voted Brexit (and explains why Brexit is a revolutionary movement), it is a spectacularly silly article by The Guardian, bemoaning the kind of post-Brexit change which will devastate them personally.

Yesterday, The (unsaleable) Guardian was pouting that Labour let the country down by not stopping Democracy (in the form of Brexit) because how dare the plebs disagree with them, and today, they are fretting about having to fill in customs forms on parcels to the EU.

Gentle reader, observe the full horror of Brexit, through the eyes of the The Guardian editorial team:

Holidaymakers or online shoppers who buy items from the EU that are valued at more than £390 will have to pay customs duties, the government has revealed.

It will also herald the end of “booze cruises” to the wine shops of Calais to stockpile drink for special occasions, as unlimited alcohol allowances are ending. Alcohol from the EU for personal consumption will be restricted to 42 litres of beer, 18 litres of wine and 4 litres of spirits or liquors over 22% in alcohol. Personal tobacco allowances will be limited to 200 cigarettes.

Posting to friends and family in the EU including Ireland is also going to become more bureaucratic. Those sending parcels from 1 January will be required to complete customs declaration forms, CN22 or CN23, detailing the type of good, its value and its weight.

Goods up to the value of £390, or £270 for those arriving by private plane or boat, will be allowed through the green channel at airports.

Those importing goods purchased on a holiday or a business trip will be charged 2.5% duty on goods worth between £390 and £630, with other rates applying for more expensive goods depending on the type of good. Any amount over will incur excise duty and VAT.

The Guardian even shows a picture of a customs form, something which takes a whole 30 seconds to complete!

It is tragic that these waffling numbskulls even consider these things to be issues. Even more tragic is the fact that, even 4.5 years down the line, they still think these things matter to the majority of people.

Take a bow, everyone who did the decent thing and voted LEAVE that June day in 2016. You began the process of putting Guardianistas back in their box: the box which, if sent to the EU using a customs form, would be labelled “INCONSEQUENTIAL”.

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