By Grandpa 1940

Some 3+ years ago, 17.4 million British people voted to leave the corrupt dictatorship which is the European Union: and today, the eleven unelected Law Lords which form the Supreme Court have told us that our votes do not count; have told us that the one man who promised that we would leave wasn’t able to do so; have voted to allow the scheming ranks of Remainers, inclusive of the Communists infecting the Labour Party, the loonies of the Lib-Dems, the snivelling Scots of the SNP who wanted to glue their country to Jean-Claude Junckers nether regions to have their way.

The political fallout from this decision from a corrupted Court will resound for decades, and if the Labour /Lib-Dem / SNP/ PlaidCymru coalition of devout Remainers continue to deny the Nation the General Election which the Tories have repeatedly called for, they in turn will reap the whirlwind from an Electorate which, these days, is both better informed and able to judge between a bunch of Elitist Remainers, and The Tories, a Party which promised that we would LEAVE!