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From inception, it has always been the intention for AltNewsMedia to provide an alternative to the legacy and fake news media. It will never shy away from subjects that polarize opinion ‘just to play it safe’, and there can be few subjects that polarize opinion as much as the State of Israel and Palestine. We do not align politically with anyone, some of our contributors are left of centre, others are right of centre, and the rest are somewhere in the middle! The different backgrounds provide balance and a broad range of opinions, some which cause internal debate and disagreement. That’s good. That’s healthy. That is exactly what a free and open society is all about.

With this in mind, we do not support any political parties or have ‘official’ standpoints on anything. Our priority and value that we hold above any other is that we try to always align ourselves with truth and with fact. So when we heard about a documentary detailing the history since the Balfour Declaration in 1917 of the land then known as Palestine, we approached it with caution. Typically any such film is propaganda for one side or the other. Attending a screening of ‘part one – foundations’ – what we found was a clinical factual account of the claims of both the Palestinians and the Israelis to the land through the lens of verifiable history and international law. What particularly stands out is that the documentary is made by neither Jews nor Palestinians, and as such does not seek to push an agenda. There were some uncomfortable truths in there, particularly for the British and the treatment of Jews both during and after World War 2. Most importantly however, it does clarify the legality, under international law, of claims for the land.

The documentary (part one) ends after the second world war, and there is now a drive to fund the making of part 2, which will bring the history right up to date, including President Trump’s move to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. As an organisation that was set up to counter propaganda and fake news, we at ANM feel it is vitally important that this film is completed, and can be shown at schools and  universities in order to inform the public with facts rather than rhetoric. Part one has already been sent to politicians and government. We will be interviewing the director Hugh Kitson and the highly respected Colonel Richard Kemp who presents the documentary in the near future to find out more about the background to the film. In the meantime, you can read more about this ground breaking documentary at https://whoseland.tv/


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