by Anne Marie Waters 24/06/19

“First Do No Harm” – The trans predicament of doctors

I was handed a document recently, and while the information contained within wasn’t necessarily news to me, the topic at hand still makes me shake my head in disbelief like no other. It was entitled “First Do No Harm: The ethics of transgender healthcare” and it included the testimony of three doctors, bravely speaking out and telling some hidden truths about this dangerous modern craze.

Dr Richard Byng, Dr Marcus Evans, and Dr Michael K. Laidlaw were the contributors and what they had to say needs to be heard – by parents, by politicians, and by other medical practitioners.  But a fierce trans lobby is shutting down dissenting voices, and even open debate.

First the facts.  Dr Richard Byng is a GP with a special interest in youth mental health.  He wrote that there has been a huge increase in referrals, particularly of children, to so-called gender identity services in the UK. Having always seen sex as fixed and binary, Dr Byng reports that doctors are now expected to treat a person’s beliefs about their sex to be of paramount importance.  It is a consumerist approach to medicine: the patient tells the doctor what they want and he or she is expected to provide. This places doctors in a terrible position – they are called upon to do no harm, and have a duty in this regard, but what happens when a doctor views the treatment they’re providing as potentially extremely harmful? That is the dilemma now facing doctors as they grapple with an enormous demand for sex changes, including among children.

The usual relationship between doctor and patient is a mutual one. They work together, and the doctor outlines the benefits and risks of intervention. However, in the case of sex transition, patients are not always provided with full information about the risks.  Studies have shown that risks include short and long term physical side effects, as well as severe emotional and social problems. Instead of issuing warnings, selective language is used to play down the severity of physical intervention. For example, a double mastectomy is labeled “top surgery”.

Not only are the risks high, but the apparent benefits are effectively immeasurable from a scientific perspective, and the entire process is based upon ‘evidence’ about gender that is dubious to say the least. Professor Carl Heneghan of Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence Based Medicine is quoted as stating “the current evidence does not support informed decision making and safe practice”.

Dr Marcus Evans addresses the intimidation of doctors in the report. He describes suicide attempt cases he has treated. Among these have been several post-operative transsexuals who were “angry at the loss of their biological sexual functioning” and often experienced severe psychological post-operative problems. He describes how children are subject to medical intervention, including puberty blockers, at a young age, and argues that low self-esteem and identity issues are common among young people, most of whom grow out of these feelings as they age. But this simply can’t be discussed thanks to the aggressive trans lobby, which insists that ‘feelings’ about one’s sex should give them the right to simply order doctors to alter their physical body. Dr Evans claims that “thorough investigation and freedom to think is prohibited by politically driven accusations of transphobia”.

Such accusations can have serious consequences.

In March 2019, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, a feminist campaigner, was questioned by two separate police forces – West Yorkshire Police and Wiltshire Police – for the crime of tweeting ‘incorrectly’ about trans issues.[1]  Keen-Minshull was the second woman questioned, having been reported to police by Susie Green, the head of the Mermaids charity that supports “gender diverse and transgender children”.[2]  Keen-Minshull is not alone. Kate Scottow was arrested (while her children watched) and locked up for seven hours for referring to a transwoman as a man on Twitter.[3]  Police have also reprimanded a teacher for “misgendering” a pupil in her school, telling her that she had indeed committed a “hate crime”.[4]

This is quite obviously a serious problem, and it’s obvious exactly what is taking place here.  A loud and obnoxious political lobby is intimidating and threatening its way in to our hospitals and schools, and our typically inept and politically correct politicians are doing absolutely nothing about it: just as they do nothing about the shut down of free speech generally.

Radical groups are receiving government funds to teach children radical ideas about sex, and it is a “hate crime” to disapprove or even ask questions. Doctors are intimidated by these same radical groups in to both providing treatment they are uncomfortable with, and to staying quiet about it. Politicians on both sides, Labour and the Conservatives, are united in promoting the trans agenda and have helpfully criminalized any dissent.

The For Britain Party takes this matter very seriously.  It is a highly dangerous trend that must be confusing children, not to mention causing them irreversible physical harm.

It is turning the concept of truth on its head: if I can decide I am a man, regardless of objective truth, then truth is no longer objective.  It is a recipe for the kind of social chaos so beloved of the extreme and radical hard-left that has bullied its way to the halls of power in every public institution in the country.

In our manifesto in 2019, For Britain will cover this issue in greater detail, and we will reach out to parents, doctors and others who are quietly and secretly worried about this disturbing trend.  We acknowledge that a small number of people are genuinely happier living as the opposite sex, however there is a vast difference between the liberty to live as one pleases, and the deliberate manipulation of children and others to push a radical political agenda.

In ‘First Do No Harm: The ethics of transgender healthcare’, Dr Richard Byng makes several recommendations.  Some of these will be proposed as political policy by For Britain in 2019. These are:

1)    No medical or physical intervention for any person referred for gender dysphoria prior to the age of 25; intervention shall be limited to psychological and emotional support.

2)    End the culture of encouraging people to believe they are transgendered – particularly children.

3)    Provide accurate information; mention harms and do not glamourize procedures.

4)    Undertake further and more detailed research in to gender dysphoria, looking at other potential causes for discomfort with one’s own body.

These are simple solutions and they will work.  Once again, it is common sense.  Surely it is better to wait until a person is old enough, and fully informed, before they make a choice to change their physical bodies forever.  Doctors have a duty to do no harm, and politicians have the same moral duty with regard to their people.  On this occasion, as on so many others, our politicians are failing us, children in particular.  Political correctness and left-wing intimidation has once again won the day.   It will take a brave political party to put a stop to this, but that brave political party is here.  We’ll take on the tough issues for Britain, and for Britain’s children.