One of the quirks of UK cuisine, is that nearly all Pakistani owned restaurants and take-aways call themselves “Indian”. At some point, it was deemed this would make them more popular to the British public, but the food served doesn’t reflect Indian cuisine. Nevertheless, faux “Indian” food has proven to be extremely popular, with restaurants in every town and city.

However, a resident close to the recently opened “The Bombay Gate” in the Darlington area told us of friction with the owners, pointing to an intolerance and unwillingness to co-exist in harmony. Due to the warm weather, he decided, with his partner to sit outside in the alley along with friends and neighbours.  This is his account of what happened in his own words:-

Sharon and I along with a few friends and neighbours thought it was too hot in the flats last night and decided to sit outside in the alley. Not only were the tenants threatened by the workers [from the restaurant] but our dogs were as well, they wanted their fire doors open and decided our dogs had no right being in “their alley” and if the dogs are out there again they would POISON them. They think the alleyway (our only point of access into our building but not theirs funny enough) belongs to them, they threatened to chop my head off, poison our dogs, report us all to the social, get their “brothers” over to “sort us all out”. The police were called and they sent out a black and white PCSO’s 2 1/2 hours later the restaurant owner repeatedly told the black officer the same threats while I and a few other neighbours told the white officer of the problems we have had with them since they opened.

We let the “copper” listen to the recordings of this man threaten us but he didn’t need to as the fella was threatening everyone outside and we could all hear him (including the white officer). Guess what happened, the white officer went out and promised us all they would sort it and tell the restaurant to close their fire doors so we could have peace and quiet until we went to the council, they stood outside for a few minutes listening to the owner of the Bombay Gate kicking off then left (leaving them with their doors open).

When Sharon and the neighbour went to walk our dogs he tried kicking Betty, now she is frightened of going out – and I had a panic attack as I couldn’t get my asthma calmed down and an ambulance was called. They parked up on the lines outside our gates and the owner of the restaurant went out and started on them to move the ambulance. The paramedics refused and told us they are going to write a report to social services and my social worker about what had happened. I have been assaulted, threatened and have had 2 panic attacks which set off my asthma. We all have had enough of them threatening us, not only am I going to report this to the council again and licenses (which is run by Labour) but also to our Tory MP Peter Gibson – who seems to be doing better than the council, but I’ve had enough I think we are going to get out of this place.

Update: I would like to thank the police and our MP Peter Gibson, the infamous restaurant has had a visit by environmental health today but were closed. The person saw where the maggots were coming from and the cigarettes that they have dumped in the alley and taken photos of it all and they are going to pay them another “special” visit. The police visited them and have finally listened to the tenants of the building, the restaurant has been given an official warning they are not allowed to approach any tenants, they are not allowed to speak or abuse us in any way and the police are now approaching our landlord about the alleyway to see what he wants doing about it. I already know that he doesn’t want them using it so now they are up the creek without a paddle. Thankyou all for your good suggestions and I will keep them in mind if the council decides to go back on their words.

We will aim to keep you up to date with this shocking story as it develops.