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Updated 18th April 2020

Lee Sibley who is 16 year of age has started a petition calling on his council (Stroud District Council) to abandon their ‘catastrophic’ plans for 12,800 homes.

We know that this will be bad for the environment but most of all it’s damaging small rural communities as well.

We’ve also found out that 50% of wildlife is disappearing due to our selfishness, which is a terrible situation.

The petition has become quite controversial with over 4,000 signatures and counting.

Some, of the comments are interesting to read:

Enfield council want to build on the green belt… its cheaper for developers than having to “clean-up” brown field sites. London’s Mayor isn’t against it, as city hall get a share of the council tax from all the additional houses.

Our countryside is one of our most important aspects of the UK, visitors wonder at the beauty and diversity on such a small island. There are MANY derelict houses and military houses that remain vacant. Use those first by upgrading them then brownfield sites before you ruin our wonderful island.

We must preserve and protect the countryside I live in Stroud and it’s under constant destruction I have also lived here all my life and already worked all my life but the authority doesn’t listen despite what I have seen.

I’m signing because some things need a voice or we are simply not heard.

Stop all migration now. Britain is full.

Mass immigration means mass house building and WE’RE ALL PAYING FOR IT – migrants don’t bring houses do they? That simple fact is lost on pro-mass-immigration BBC lefty fools. There are proposals to build a million new homes between Oxford and Cambridge, it’s happening everywhere. It ‘s LibLabCon madness, they’re ALL idiots.

This is just one of thousands, if not millions, of such developments. Are we really to believe that mass immigration is good for the country?

We have a similar problem in east Surrey there is no room let’s get rid of the massive illegal immigrant problem. All the foreign prisoners that are not deported before we start ripping up our country side

When will our MP’s , of ALL Parties AND the Mainstream Media understand that our housing crisis has been caused if not completely, by mass immigration?

There are some interesting comments, and obviously there are many more but I thought I pick a few out to show opinions in our great country.

To read the full petition click here, and to share you can find it, I also hope you can play your part by sharing and promoting on social media as well.


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