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Did they think no one would notice?

Next July marks 50 years since astronaut Neil Armstrong took the first step on the surface of the moon.  To mark the occasion Steven Spielberg has produced a film called “First Man” starring Canadian Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong.  One startling omission from the film, the scene where Neil Armstrong plants the American flag on the moon.

Biopics often have omissions of fact made necessary by limited time. But this one is a doozy.  Gosling defends the film with some twisted logic by suggesting that Armstrong didn’t want to be portrayed as a hero; the moon landing was a group effort.  Then why name the film after Armstrong? None of this explains why they cut the American flag from the landing scene.

The events of July 20, 1969 are seared in my memory as they are in the minds of most who watched the historic event live on television.  It’s impossible to forget the pride of seeing the American flag unfurled on the moon.  Likewise, as a small boy I attended Neil Armstrong’s homecoming parade in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Seeing him at the center of that parade it’s difficult not to view him as a hero.

The scene in Mission Control as Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon. You won’t see that in this film either. Unless they replace the American flag with the UN banner!

Cutting America down to size. Revision serves left’s goals.

Like the left wing fascists tearing down statues of historical figures, the revising of history here is yet another attempt to erase history and downplay American exceptionalism.  Obama led that charge ten years earlier and Hollywood still follows the lead. As if somehow we would all be better off if the U.S. had not accomplished these great feats.

Neil Armstrong died six years ago in August.  But Buzz Aldrin, who followed Armstrong down that ladder to the lunar surface 49 years ago tweeted his thoughts on the landing with a clear message:

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) reminds us:

Once again, Hollywood and the American left seem to think pride in America is a bad thing; not worthy of remembering.  Tell that to the men and women who sacrificed their lives in battle to save freedom for our allies or dedicated themselves to achieving great things. Sure, we do it in the name of all mankind. But we are Americans and know no one else could do it.  After all that, what’s wrong with a little flag waving!


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