I often smile when hearing or reading of the new ‘gods’ of the invisible ’Image Empire’, and of their pronunciations on how the rest of us ‘uneducated slobs, DEPLORABLES, and the like’ should listen to their words, nudges and totally uninformed vacuous statements, and change our very existence and ways of life; just because they ‘say so’.

From politics, to the climate, they suddenly all have an opinion, and because they are ‘famed’ or indeed ‘famous’, they need to be listened to, and indeed obeyed, because this is the new ‘Illiberal Left’ in full-on dictatorial mode.

Examine, if you would, the present crop of film and tv actors. Their only job is to pretend to be someone else, to mouth the words of a script in a believable manner; which is all, if the bare truth be told: is all acting is. It is a pretence, bolstered these days by massive amounts of computer power which transposes codes instructions into the most realistic Computer Graphic images on a cinema or tv screen. So why is it that just about all so-called ‘celebrities’ insist on telling us that their opinions matter, that their  ultra-lefty and so-called lefty ideas are the ones to follow: and anything, or indeed anybody, to the right of Karl Marx is deluded, wrong and swerving towards the dictatorial? From being against President Trump, to idolising the faulty and failed ‘science’ behind alleged Climate Change, they are nearly all marching together. 

The latest recruit to the Wibbly-Wobblies of this world is Lewis Hamilton, the Formula One driver and champion. Now young Lewis is very good at what he does, which is flying all over the world, along with huge numbers of technicians and very expensive racing cars; and then driving round and round  any one of twenty-odd tracks at suicidally-high speeds, and winning. For this task he is paid humungous amounts of cash, and bases himself in Monaco so as not to give all his cash away to the tax-man. So far, so silly. But then our Lewis is bitten by two illnesses. Firstly, someone persuades him to go Vegan, and eat nut cutlets all day. Secondly, he read an article about the weather, and then realises that we are all going to die, or drown, or both, and is suddenly converted to the Climate Change farce. But Lewis has a solution: he wants everyone to go Vegan, and then all those cows and cattle will not be farting, and producing methane, which, according to Lewis, is very, very bad!

I normally ignore all the ‘Celeb’ stories, mainly because they are all, garbage, but one comment upon Lewis’ conversion to Global bullshit deserves a wider audience. This chap wrote:-

Lewis Hamilton’s personal carbon footprint is in the top 0.001% of everyone on the planet, and he’s telling everyone else how to live. Its a bit like Kate and Gerry McCann lecturing us on how to be good parents!