Rajiv Saxena

On the 4th November 2021, the American people sent an unmistakable message to the Democratic Party; we don’t like your agenda, we don’t want your agenda, and we won’t vote for your agenda or for you. During this election, the Democratic Party was exposed for what it has become: a party that holds police, parents, and patriotism in contempt. And now the Democrats have paid the price. The Democrats will continue to pay that price until they reject the repugnant radicalism that has infected their party.

The Democratic defeat last night was not in a single state or one county, or some isolated municipality. It was not some isolated incident, it was not the result of just a single quirky issue or few bad candidate or an abrasion of ideology. It was a nationwide disaster and wipeout for the Democratic Party.

After 12 years of uninterrupted statewide victories in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Democrats appear to have lost not one, not two, but all three statewide races this year: along with control of the Virginia House of Delegates. And the only reason they didn’t lose the Virginia State Senate is that the State Senate wasn’t on the ballot last night. Virginia is not a swing state, as you may have heard this morning to excuse the Democrats’ terrible performance. Joe Biden won Virginia by 10 points. It’s been 12 years since Virginia voted for a Republican. Virginia is a Democratic state, and has been for more than a decade. Yet now, Joe Biden’s acolytes have been soundly defeated by Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, Lieutenant Governor-elect Winsome Sears, and Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares. It’s remarkable how quickly the president’s party has frittered away all of the goodwill in Virginia.

Joe won that state by 16 points, and at this moment, that race is too close to call, too close to call and so it’s at least a 16-point swing even if the Democratic Governor squeaks it out. Yet outrage against Democratic policies is rampant even in deep blue New Jersey. Looking across state lines in New York, there was a similarly shocking outcome with Republicans apparently sweeping every office in Long Island. Driven in no small part by the insane pro-criminal policies of the New York Democrats who want to eliminate cash bail and defund the police and go soft on criminals and let them out of jail early.

Speaking of that, let’s turn to deep, deep blue Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the BLM riots got kicked off last summer, where Democrat “defund-the-police” radicals have waged an unrelenting war on their city’s police force. In a referendum to replace the police department, 56% of voters revolted and voted to keep the police department just the way it is, thank you very much. This should teach the Democrats an important lesson: if defund the police can’t win in a city that has been run entirely by Democrat Mayors for nearly a half century, it’s not going to win anywhere, for sure!

In Buffalo, New York, voters appear to have rejected this Democrat radicalism. Self-proclaimed “Socialist” mayoral candidate India Walton had actually beaten the incumbent Democratic mayor earlier this year for the nomination. But now, India Walton is losing to the current mayor in a write-in campaign. A write-in campaign. Again, if your far-left policies can’t even win when you are your party’s nominee and in a city that has been run entirely by Democrats for half a century, you better believe they are bad and unpopular policies that will cost you your next election.

Finally, as far away as San Antonio, Republicans have flipped a largely-Hispanic district long considered a Democratic bastion, in a clear sign that Republican inroads with Hispanic voters last year were not a fluke.

Best of all for this supposedly “racist” or “white supremacist backlash” election, Virginia voters just elected the state’s first black female lieutenant governor. That woman is Winsome Sears, a gun-toting, immigrant, Marine veteran and a proud conservative Republican.

Now for the truth. According to exit polls, the top issues on voters’ minds were the economy and education. Both spelled disaster for the Democrats. For months, Americans have watched with alarm as Democrats have shoveled trillions of dollars into liberal priorities while inflation has surged upwards. They’ve suffered skyrocketing costs at the grocery store and the gas pumps.

Americans have not liked trillions of dollars more in their so-called “Build Back Better” initiative, which should perhaps be called, “Build Back Broke” if you’re a working family as family budgets have gone awry.

Remote learning was a disaster for America’s children. Some have fallen months behind in their development, and many more have suffered the consequences of social isolation. But if there’s a silver lining in this tragedy, it’s that parents were finally been able to see the nonsense that their kids were being taught: Critical Race Theory. Indoctrinated to see everything and everyone, first and foremost the colour of their skin and to hate their country. And parents were outraged, and parents were right to be outraged.

Their first response was Critical Race Theory is a figment of your imagination. Then they said it’s not taught in Virginia. Then they said well it should be taught anyway because our school and our institutions are so racist. Then again, they also said that there was no threat of having teenage boys in girl’s bathrooms. We now know that Loudon Country didn’t just cover up one rape of a teenage girl by a boy dressed as a girl, but then transferred that boy to another school where he committed a second assault. Not surprisingly, parents in Loudon County didn’t take too kindly to the woke. Democrats in charge of that school system.

So when their arguments failed to persuade, the Democrats tried a different tactic: silencing parents. Terry McAuliffe boldly claimed that parents shouldn’t tell schools what they should teach their kids. Attorney General Merrick Garland even tried to sic the FBI on parents who showed up to protest at school board meetings.

That chill you feel is the voters walking over your grave. This anger will follow top leadership. Joe Biden in conspicuous decline, the need for a qualified vice president waiting in the wings is critical for the world. Yet Kamala Harris is totally unfit for the presidency, a dilemma that puts the United States in an awful bind. Less than a year in office, Vice President Kamala Harris, the highest-ranking female official in the US history, has already shattered some political records, but none that would merit much celebration unless you happen to be a Republican. US President Joe Biden’s approval rating has fallen to under 38% according to a new USA Today poll, which also reveals the majority of Americans polled don’t want him to run for president again for sure.

A USA Today and Suffolk University poll of 1,000 registered US voters last week found that just 37.8% of voters approve of “the job Biden has done as President,” with 59% disagreeing that the President has done a good job. His policy of Afghanistan pullout was a total disaster.

Even fewer Americans approve of Vice President Kamala Harris. Only 27.8% of those polled believe Harris has done a good job, with a sizeable 21% undecided, according to the poll which was released on Sunday.

This week, a survey taken by USA TODAY/Suffolk University showed that just 28% of Americans approved of Harris and whatever the heck she’s doing in the White House. Not only did Harris manage to underperform her doddering boss, Joe Biden, but she even bested Dick Cheney, one of the most loathsome creatures to have ever emerged from the fetid swamp.

To put this achievement into its proper perspective, Harris managed to fare worse in a popularity contest against the man who manipulated US intelligence to start the hugely unpopular 2003 invasion of Iraq along with is poodle at the 10, Downing in UK. Not done there, Cheney beefed up his evil portfolio through his connections to Halliburton, the company that the Bush administration contracted to rebuild Iraq’s destroyed oil infrastructure, and where Cheney served as CEO from 1995 to 2000 (he said he donated any profits he made from his Halliburton stock to “charity”). And let’s not even get started on the ‘Darklord’ and his role in waterboarding detainees abroad, and spying on Americans at home.

In other words, sidelining Dick Cheney as the most unpopular vice president was a herculean feat, yet Kamala Harris managed to pull it off with relative ease. The question is, how?

The short answer is that Kamala Harris has no business being anywhere near the White House, not to mention the hallowed Oval Office. Not only does this woman shirk from the most obvious tasks, like paying a visit to the US-Mexico border at the peak of a migrant crisis (only after Donald Trump announced his own visit was she prompted to pack her bags), she was directed to visit but did not went there for weeks, she lacks the necessary people skills to even sit down for a chat with children without looking more plastic than a Lego factory. Yet, there she is, one Biden heartbeat or two away from one of the most powerful political offices in the world.

Harris conforms wonderfully with the dictates of these radical woke times, where politicians are judged less by their personal talents and accomplishments than by their identity; less by the size of their intellect than the colour of their skin. US politics, which once upon a time was built on the rock of personal merit, has been reduced to a box-ticking exercise that is increasingly willing to substitute raw political talent with pretenders.

That’s not to say, of course, that just because a politician ticks all of the correct boxes that they are automatically inferior and unworthy of public office. Tulsi Gabbard, for example, a Samoan-American Hindu from Hawaii, comes off as a highly qualified candidate with strong leadership skills. She is someone I would have enthusiastically endorsed had the media gatekeepers not disappeared her. While Gabbard fulfilled all of the necessary diversity requirements, the former member of the US Army failed to tick the box for ‘pro-war.’ That is a ‘character flaw’ that makes her prospects for attaining high office in the current political climate about as easy as ascending Mount Everest.

The Democrats were betting that Kamala Harris, the wrong woman of colour at (probably) the right time, would appeal to the damaged sensitivities of the American people, traumatised as many were by the lurid murder of George Floyd (in May 2020) by a white police officer. That tragedy, followed up with months of Black Lives Matter protests just before the Biden-Trump showdown, ingrained in the public mind the media-fueled narrative that not only the US, but its police forces, suffer from a malignancy known as ‘systemic racism.’

Some may argue that Biden had made the right decision by choosing Harris as his running mate since the duo went on to defeat Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the 2020 presidential election. Presently, however, it looks as though the Democratic Party has suffered a Pyrrhic victory with the Biden-Harris tag team, and one that may have set the party back light years.

The Democrats blatantly ignored a serious consideration when they paired Harris with Biden, and that was the former’s conspicuous unpopularity. Amid a large field of Democratic presidential candidates, Harris was forced to withdraw early from the race with a public approval rating below 4%.

Did the Democrats think that those harsh public sentiments would somehow magically disappear because Harris is a female who comes from a mixed racial background and US inner cities had been burning coast to coast? Today, Harris appears to be no more popular among her colleagues, who have complained that they toil in an “abusive environment” than she was with Democratic voters just over a year ago.

The takeaway here is that the voting public, aside from a radicalised minority, are not really interested whether a candidate is black, brown, white or polka dot. What they are mostly concerned about is whether the individual is qualified to represent their interests once they have been elected to office.

Had the Democrats used a scale based on merit as opposed to identity when choosing a running mate for old Joe Biden, they would be much more prepared to face the severe political challenges quickly approaching. Instead, the Democratic Party is breaking under the pressure of a president and vice president who are beyond the help of their best handlers, while becoming actual liabilities.

Disaster is fast approaching for the Democrats and liberals who, just like their counterparts in the world of academia, have forsaken the necessity of merit and excellence for the self-limiting dead-end road known as identity politics.

I see disaster for some time.

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