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I have had enough. It never stops. It seems to be on a loop – we hear about a perceived injustice, it goes quiet and then a few months later the same thing pops up again. I am tired of it all. It is time to put the record straight.

Let us start with the word that is undoubtedly going to be thrown my way: misogynist. It is unfair to call me one for I do not hate women – in fact, I love them. I am writing this article to benefit them, not to harm them. But if I have to be called something then ‘sexist pig’ is probably a better fit for I believe the sexes are different.

The big question women need to answer is ‘are women strong and independent, or weak and pathetic?’. I only ask for I do not know the answer, as I am bombarded with contradictory information on a daily basis.

One moment we are told that opening a door for a woman is condescending and a visible manifestation of patriarchy. Then the next day, we are told that women cannot make it up the career ladder without additional help and support.

Modern feminism is not about ‘equal rights’, it is about ‘special rights’. The rights of women were settled in the 1970s – this means that success is now down to hard work, a positive attitude and personal responsibility. This is what women fought for and got.

Do men moan about their lot in life? No, they do not. They are too busy working, protecting, providing, and conquering the natural world for the benefit of all. They may want a good moan but do not have the time.

It’s a man’s world, what the hell do men have to moan about? Let us dig a little deeper into the privileges of being a man. Men are murdered and assaulted at a much higher rate. Men are incarcerated at 20 times the rate of women and receive higher sentences for exactly the same crime. They are more likely to die at work, to be homeless, to live on the streets, to be unemployed, to fail at education, to abuse drugs and alcohol, to die earlier, and to lose contact with their children. And let us not forget that men’s lives are so wonderful that they are killing themselves 3 times faster than women do. If this is privilege, then please start treating me with a little more disdain.

Let us explore some of the complaints that women seem to have. The easiest one to dismiss is the ‘gender pay gap’ for it does not exist. Women and men are paid the same in the UK for equal work – it is the law.

When people use the phrase ‘gender pay gap’ what they really mean is the earning power of ‘women with children’ versus everyone else. This is where the discrepancy exists, it has nothing to do with gender but everything to do with child care. I am not saying this is fair or not, just the fact of the situation. But some feminists use this data as a weapon to claim discrimination.

The complaint that annoys me the most is the accusation that women are treated as ‘sex objects’. I happen to agree. But the perpetrators of this ‘sexist crime’ are actually the women themselves. It is they who dress like pole dancers, spend thousands on breast enlargements, and use filters on photos so they look enticing.

Have a look at any pop star or actress and they will have their breasts popping out of their dress. Social media is full of women and girls prostituting themselves for ‘likes’ and ‘followers’. ‘Only Fans’ was created so women could prostitute themselves easier. Go out on a Saturday evening and see what young women are wearing.

When women want attention, what do they do? They get their tits out. We currently have a female eco-warrior who gains attention because she is topless. To highlight the need for safer roads, women cycle naked in Manchester every year. To raise money for breast cancer, women take topless photos of themselves for a calendar. And last week, female airline cabin crew protested in Rome by stripping off in a public square.

Women are treated as sex objects, but they do it to themselves. The real victims of such behaviour are men for we are suckers for naked breasts, legs and arses. Men are coerced into paying attention – it is a form of ‘grooming’.

Lately, a lot of the complaints have been around female personal safety. This is a serious matter. We have had a series of murders, including one by a serving police officer which was truly shocking. The safety of all citizens is an important function of the state and we need to continue to improve – with a focus on prevention. (I will discuss the trans / women-only spaces another time.)

Some of these complaints have crossed a line. This ‘man blaming’ culture is not helpful, and the sheer hysteria of some women is harming the mental health of others.

Men are not a problem. For women to be safer on the streets requires more men to be around, not fewer. Men are natural protectors, it is an innate role. Some men today fight the urge to protect for they have been told for generations that women do not need their help.

The related hysteria has reached new heights. A Green Party politician stated that men needed a curfew so women could walk the streets safely. People are asking for boys to be educated at school not to rape. The police stated that women should flag down a bus driver if a lone police officer approaches them. This would all be comical if it was not so serious.

Women have terrified themselves so much that a new urban myth has been created: drug injections in nightclubs. Spiking drinks is not scary enough so something new had to be invented. There is no evidence at all that anyone has ever been injected in a nightclub – it is almost impossible.

Spiking drinks does happen but it is extremely rare and usually carried out by someone you know as a joke. To be drugged unconscious and raped requires you to be in someone’s home, not in a nightclub. But the fear of having your drink spiked is now in the psyche of every young woman.

Let me tell you a story of the spiking of my mate’s girlfriend. I called around for a chat. Janet was not well and was lying on the settee. She explained that she had been out the night before with some friends and had her drink spiked. I started to ask some questions for I had always been suspicious of such claims.

She had gone out straight from work and did not have anything to eat. I asked for a rundown of where they had been and who bought a drink in each bar. We worked out she had had seven double vodka and cokes – the figure was more than she remembered.

Why did she think she had been spiked? She felt ill and was throwing up outside the pub. I asked her a simple question. If some evil man wanted to drug and rape you, why would he administer a drug that made you throw up all over yourself? Or would he make you more docile with less vomit? And finally, how would he ever get you away from your friends?

After the conversation she thanked me. She felt much better for she now realised that she had not been spiked and had not been in danger. She had just drunk too much on an empty stomach and then scared herself silly.

Are women strong and independent? Yes – I know many.

Are they also weak and pathetic? Yes – for they are human.

Just like men, women need to accept their own personal responsibility in an unfair world full of dangers.

Most of all, stop moaning. You have equality – everything now is up to you.

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