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Ever since June 23rd 2016,  when the people of Britain went to the polling booths to decide whether the United Kingdom should Remain members of the European Union or Leave to retake our rightful place on the World stage, ever since the result was announced that Britain had voted for Brexit, I have heard the same nonsense repeated over and over as to how Leave voters did not know what they were voting for, by Remainers that actually do not have the first idea about the EU, they want to remain in. I have debated with loads of them and have yet to find one that actually bothered to read and understand the Lisbon Treaty, it is after all the contract that they are blindly agreeing to…

So, let’s turn the tables on them and ask, ‘Why did Remainers vote Remain?’

Is the EU really such a Utopian dream come true that harmonises all of Europe as one? The EU doesn’t actually manufacture anything, it doesn’t grow anything, in fact, the only thing the EU produces is restrictive EU rules and regulations to control Europe and it seems to be run by former Prime Ministers that have already been outvoted in their own countries of origin. Junker the former PM of Luxembourg, Tusk the former PM of Poland, Verhofstadt the former PM of Belgium, Barroso the former PM of Portugal and you even have Tony Blair the former PM of Britain, in the shadows doing all he can to keep us in the European Union. Seriously, who could ever think that a bunch of has-beens controlling a bunch of Eurocrats, to control the lives of 500 million people could ever be a good idea?  Just think about that for a moment.

To make things even worse it all seems to be purely for the betterment of Germany! You know the country that started two world wars, leading to the loss of millions of lives. What do you think are the chances of the EU keeping peace once it has it’s own EU Armed Forces? Considering some of the correspondence I’ve read in past between Baroness Ashton, when she was head of EU Foreign Affairs, to Putin, I would say the chances are very slim indeed and I am sure Putin is very aware of that impending threat. We have NATO and the UN, we do not need another superpower, especially one that constantly ruffles feathers. The youth say the old are destroying their future by voting to leave, well how do you think they intend to fill the ranks of this new EU Armed Forces, that Nick Clegg described as a dangerous scaremongering fantasy (Well you certainly got that one wrong didn’t you Cleggers), the ranks will be filled through conscription and billions will be spent on arms so that the EU can show off their massive military strength to the world, in a style that will put Hitler to shame (OMG he mentioned Hitler, quick have him sectioned). Well, that seems to be the future that the youth are demanding and condemn the older generation for opposing it… that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

It was in 2009 when I first looked at the Lisbon Treaty and Article 3(4) clearly showed me the EU’s intentions and I knew we needed to get out of it…

Article 3(4). The Union shall establish an economic and monetary union whose currency is the euro.

Note that ‘Shall’ is a very important word in law speak, it means it will happen regardless, so eventually, we would be forced to adopt the euro but the worrying part for me was the economic union part, for that to work it means that all 28 member states would need to have a level economy and to achieve that it would mean lowering the higher economies and raising the lower ones, as we happen to be the 5th strongest economy in the world, that to me did not seem a good plan. To put it into layman’s terms, if you go out with 27 friends and you all agree to empty your wallets/purses into the pot and we will spend it all on one night out. Now, of course, those with little money will think it is a wonderful idea but it certainly is not for those with a lot. It was that one article that told me we were, in fact, paying billions to an idea that could only ever be detrimental to Britain.

I’ve seen Greece ruined, Paris in France turned from being the City of Love into a hell hole, people in Catalonia beaten by the police, Cyprus blackmailed, Hungary and Poland threatened and a civil war deliberately started in Ukraine, so I do struggle to see what people think is so wonderful about the EU, what has the EU done for Britain that Remainers think we are incapable of doing for ourselves and doing, undoubtedly better.

So as you can see, I know exactly why I voted to Leave the European Union but I fail to see why anyone, young or old would have voted to Remain in it. I certainly do not think it was the Leave voters who did not know what they were voting for, it was Remainers who really never had a clue and still don’t to this day.

Now we have Theresa May doing her best to put Britain in a position whereby the EU can punish us for ever daring to Leave the EU and they will make an example of us to ensure no other EU member state ever dares to invoke Article 50 in the future. Surely the most dumbest of dumb Remainers can see that the Brexit Deal being put forward places Britain in a very precarious position. A position, according to Article 132 of that draft could have us tied into the EU, paying our dues and having to abide by EU rule up to 2099! It is imperative that everyone, Remain or Leave voters, contact their MP categorically stating that this Brexit Deal, which is not a deal at all, must be rejected by Parliament. Let your MP’s know that should they vote in favour of this deal they will lose your vote at the next General Election, that happens to be about the only way our current crop of MP’s will pay attention these days.

You can contact your own MP via this website: They Work For You

The Brexit Deal being proposed is so catostrophically bad that it actually might reunite the two camps of Remain and Leave to stand together for the better good of Britain and all it’s people. We can only live in hope…

Marty Caine