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I first met Tommy Robinson in person on Metzitzim beach in Tel Aviv. He and his friends were kicking their heels in the Mediterranean surf while marvelling at the pleasant November sunshine having left the drizzle of England behind the night before. Israel’s far-left paper of record, Ha’aretz, now brands me a delusional thinker and a “racist nationalist”  for believing a man I’ve been friendly with for some years is deceiving me. The Jewish Chronicle called me an “idiot”.

My first awareness of Tommy came via the internet years before. He is in the news again now and in prison, the charges and methods by which he’s been sent to prison since I’ve known him vary, but the underlying reason is always the same: Tommy talks about the overwhelmingly negative effects of Islamisation on UK society. Tommy’s home town of Luton is his prime example.

One of the defining qualities of the far-right is their hostility towards Jews. Anyone branding Tommy as far-right is displaying extraordinary ignorance and wilfully misrepresenting him.

Post 9-11 I worked hard to understand Islam and its effects on both those who follow it as a religion and the political impact it has on those who live alongside it. I decided to leave the UK once I grasped the concept of dhimmitude, the submission to Islamic rule, and could see the path the UK was on.

I saw the UK’s creeping acquiescence to the demands of Islam when it becomes entrenched. Cartoons must be banned, authors must repent for insulting Islam’s prophet or go into hiding or be slaughtered. Humour and satire must be policed. This even extends to restrictions on when and what people can eat or drink, because eating at the wrong time can be offensive. Tolerating the intolerant becomes normal. Prohibitions which Muslims choose to follow as religious devotion, become political constraints on non-Muslims.

In 2010 friends told me to look at the English Defence League and its leader, Tommy Robinson. In his first public appearance on the BBC he was wearing a balaclava, not a good look. But he and his obviously mixed race friends (you could see their darker skin on the arms beneath their t-shirts ), as they stood beneath a banner saying “Black and White Unite”, were burning a swastika flag. Later he appeared, unmasked, on BBC’s flagship Newsnight program and was one of the first to mention the Muslim rape gang epidemic on mainstream TV.

I took to reading their web forums. I found people of all races, colours, religions and sexual orientations: not something the real far-right would tolerate. I also read, in 2010, first hand stories of parents whose children had been be-friended by young Muslim men, bribed with food and affection, plied with alcohol and drugs, and eventually raped and trafficked across England as sex slaves. Separated from their families: threatened with death or the murder of their families if they resisted. I read about rape gangs from parents trying to rescue their daughters  long before it reached the mainstream media.

So far 324 people have been convicted since 1997, at least 85% of whom are Muslim. The only serious academic book on the subject “Easy Meat” by Peter McLoughlin, meticulously lays out the history of this crime and the Islamic justifications the perpetrators have often repeated in court. They’re exactly the same religious texts ISIS and Boko Haram have used. There have been hundreds of thousands of victims and certainly many more adult perpetrators than schoolgirl victims.

Despite the scale of this crime, there seems to be a reluctance to cover each new local trial on a national level. Speaking outside one of these court cases, possibly in breach of reporting restrictions, led to Tommy’s recent arrest, conviction and imprisonment in the space of five hours. This case, involving 29 alleged abusers and rapists (all Muslim), is being held in three parts which, we are told, necessitates even more restrictive reporting restrictions than is usual in the UK. This guarantees no press coverage during the case. Full publicity, while being in the public interest, might be embarrassing for the authorities.

In 2010 as I read of these crimes, Tommy was organising rallies. I compared press reports and the personal stories of those who’d spent their hard earned cash attending: completely contradictory reports. This was the “Fake News” of the day.

There were Sikhs, Jews, LGBT and even Muslims and ex-Muslims marching with football lads. Of course the established Jewish organisations believed and pushed the far-left anti-EDL propaganda. Few journalists moved beyond lazy stereotypes of “neo-Nazi” or “far-right”.

Because I’d taken the time to really study these people and get to know many of them, I knew stereotypes were wrong. Just as Israel is routinely defamed and misrepresented in the British media, so Tommy has been defamed and misrepresented for years.


Tommy Robinson watching camel racing in Israel

We talked about him visiting Israel. Early on he recognised how Israel was on the very front line in the fight against a jihad force that would, if it could, re-conquer and re-colonise Israel as Saladin had first done. He also noticed the far-left groups opposing him always hated Israel. He never had any time for the racist far-right nonsense about secret (((Zionist))) plots. He understands the difference between the anti-western, civilisation destroying ideology of someone like George Soros and what Judaism really is.


Tommy Robinson photographing Gaza from a look out point in Israel Nov 2016

In November 2016 he bought a ticket, brought two friends (one black incidentally) and we toured for a week. We spoke to Israeli Arabs, an Aramaic priest, residents of Judea and Samaria, Bedouins racing their camels outside Arad and we walked through a “refugee” camp in Bethlehem with a camp resident. A Muslim Arab Israeli joined us on the trip and our tour guide had barely survived a 2010 terrorist attack.

Europe is facing a civilisational crisis due to massive Islamic immigration which, in a sane world, would be identified by its real name, Al-Hijra. Culturally bold and assertive Islamic values will suppress indigenous culture. The decay and stagnation evident across the Islamic world, flowing from Islamic supremacist attitudes held by entrenched Islamic communities and immigrants will lead to conflict across Europe. Tommy Robinson is one of very few people in Europe brave enough to speak out.


If you want to hear Tommy Robinson talk about his trip to Israel in his own words, here’s the interview I did with him at the end of the trip.


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