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This is Aina Khan, a freelance journalist, banging the same old ‘I is discriminated against, innit?’ drum:

“The knee-jerk assumption that culture alone is what holds back Muslim women is dressed in the trappings of colonialism where “British” culture, whatever that may be, is more “civilised”.”

More civilised than this? Or this? You bet, love! And bloody proud of it!

“…the challenge isn’t simply for Muslim women to get their foot through the door, because there are also many hurdles within the workplace. The obsession with the sartorial choices of Muslim women has found its way into the work-space. When politicians openly liken Muslim women wearing the niqab to letterboxes, this legitimises Islamophobia and “othering” that already disproportionately affect visibly Muslim women.”

Isn’t the entire reason you all wear the thing so you can proclaim your ‘otherness’? Bit rich to then complain about the very effect you desire!

“As the first graduate in the family, my own ascent up the rickety ladder of social mobility has been challenging: financial instability from unpaid internships and low-paid jobs, years of couch-surfing and living out of a suitcase in order to save on extortionate rent, premature burn-out, and a crippling sense of impostor syndrome which Michelle Obama recently spoke about, has followed me in varying degrees from university to the workplace.

The aspiration and hunger to succeed was always there. However, the networks, professional role models, signposting and the confidence to navigate worlds so detached from my working-class, single-parent roots was not. It was only with an iron-clad support network of mental cheerleaders, personal and professional mentors of women from similar backgrounds, with a sprinkling of sheer stubbornness, that any semblance of success has come my way.

Yet we continue to regurgitate the myth of British meritocracy, the fuzzy idea if you work hard you will succeed.”

Like you did, you mean?

If you can call regurgitation of the same old pap for an undiscriminating, unthinking audience of smug Guardianistas ‘succeeding’, that is….


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