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“It was once a vital corridor for Americans seeking to escape slavery. Now a stretch of land in the north-eastern US is in the spotlight again, as thousands traipse across the world’s longest undefended border in search of asylum in Canada.”

““You can call it the new underground railroad, I think,” said Martha Swan of John Brown Lives, a humanitarian group named after the 19th century abolitionist based in Westport, New York.”

““An informal network of people trying to help people who are under siege and who are trying to get to safety.””

Oh, Canada!

“Since the start of 2017, more than 30,000 people – many of them driven by fears of Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigrants – have entered Canada at unmarked locations along the border.”

“By doing so, they hope to skirt a longstanding pact that bars most refugee claimants in the US from applying for asylum in Canada.”

In other words, break the law. Just the sort of people you want in your country.

“Long buffered from irregular migration (Ed: Is that what they are calling illegals now..?) by its three coasts and the United States, a small number of politicians have seized on the soaring number of asylum seekers, stoking fears about those crossing the border.”

That ‘small number’ will shortly grow to a larger number, mark my words. If Canadians have any backbone, that is…

“After Canadian media reported on a pamphlets designed for migrants and which detailed the cost of taxis to the border and offered legal and emergency contacts, the group behind the flyer – a volunteer coalition of hundreds known as Plattsburgh Cares – saw a torrent of hateful comments flood their Facebook page.”

“The comments were “just vulgar, really hurtful”, said Janet McFetridge of the group. “We weren’t telling people how to come, we were telling them how to be safe.””

It’s your fellow citizens that want to be safe. How can they be, when you are encouraging predators?

“Her organisation works closely with Bridges not Borders, a coalition of Canadian volunteers who live along the border.”

““People in need are coming to our border and are making a great deal of effort to get here,” said Wendy Ayotte of the group. “And we want to see them having a fair chance to go through the asylum process and contribute to our country as so many other refugees have contributed in the past.””

I think Canadians could, frankly, live without such a ‘contribution’

““We have a choice to make as individuals, as an organisation… We have to ask ourselves, what kind of a people are we?” Swan asked.”

Doomed ones. As we will be, if we cannot stop the invasion from France.


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