By: Chris Morrison

The continuing breakdown and destruction of British cultural and social life, egged on by extremist liberal politicians, media and academics, promised further significant progress during last weekend’s “peaceful” riots.

Pinning down what the riots were actually about is difficult to discern. Every civilised person in the world, except maybe three or four hood-wearing white supremacists in Idaho, was outraged by the death in police custody of a black person in Minneapolis. The police officer concerned was immediately sacked and placed on a murder charge while his three colleagues also face criminal sanctions.

But the solitary death, while unnecessary and tragic, was hardly the action of white supremacist police. The four men involved are of white, black, hispanic and asian heritage – a truly multicultural team. The city has long been run by the Democrat party, while the mayor is also a Democrat.

US cops work in a lot of tough neighbourhoods and live in a society where there are around 400 million firearms in circulation. Given these circumstances it is remarkable how few deaths of unarmed civilians there are. According to a Washington Post database there were 1,004 killings by police officers last year – 371 white deaths and 236 blacks. Of the black deaths, only 10 occurred when the suspect was unarmed. And of those 10, at least six were making significant and potentially harmful attempts to resist arrest.

Black Lives Matters speaks of police “genocide” against the black community, but if it is, the cops are doing a remarkably poor job. But then BLM also spews similar anti-Semitic bile about the State of Israel.

The liberal media on both sides of the Atlantic reported the riots in the same fashion. On June 1 the Washington Post commented that: “Peaceful protest exploded into unrest and outrage in Washington on Sunday night, with some demonstrators setting and feeding fires”. An MSNBC reporter noted that a gathering was peaceful despite standing by a burning building. But the BBC outshone them all with its tweet: “27 police officers injured during largely peaceful anti-racism protests in London”.

Days of “peaceful” protests in America have caused billions of pounds of property damage in many ethnic areas and led to the deaths of 10 people. In Las Vegas a 29-year-old police officer was shot in the neck and put on life support. In Britain a female police officer was severely injured by her bolting horse struck by missiles from the crowd.

All of which might lead one to wonder how the liberal media would have reported the Great War.

“Large crowds peacefully digging trenches on the Western front disturbed by a few hotheads lobbing shells and fixing bayonets”.?

In the UK, working class hero Emily Thornberry was so upset by President Trump’s attempt to restore law and order that she called for an end to the selling of “crowd control” equipment. There was a risk, she said, that such items might be used for “internal repression”. Of course without “crowd control” equipment the police only have their guns when the mob start to sack the cities and engage in entirely “peaceful” looting and pillaging.

But if you follow BLM, you don’t even want a police force, since one of the organisation’s main aims is to “defund” and abolish the security services. A mark of a civilised society is that we employ a domestic policing service to enforce the laws and keep us all safe. Extremists liberals now talk of abolishing the police and replacing it with community services, presumably run by sociologists, mental health consultants and armies of unemployed “Studies” graduates.

Good luck with that one when armed gunmen, rapists and terrorists turn up in your neighbourhood.

In Britain we are faced with the additional problem that we have a police “service” that seems to have lost the will to actually police. A few louts from Extinction Rebellion blockaded London for weeks last year and the police mostly looked on. Last weekend some uniformed clown went down on one knee in supplication to a mob that later put his fellow officer in hospital. A tweet clip showed a group of officers running away from a howling mob, while in Bristol and London the police stood by while acts of criminal damage were perpetrated in broad daylight.

All of which is gist to the mill for the liberals who have changed British society beyond recognition over the last 30 years. From being a proud, largely homogenous, family and community-based nation, we are now encouraged to trash our culture and history, our close family ties and our spiritual beliefs in favour of a poisonous cocktail of selfish identities, each smaller than the last and all ultimately in conflict with each other.

The death of a suspect in police custody in a faraway country has little to do with the everyday lives of rioters on the streets of England.

The people lobbing missiles and defacing war memorials are infantilised, guilt-ridden, mostly white liberals seemingly unable to secure an identity of their own and driven to mass exhibitions of self-loathing and flagellation about their so-called “white privilege”.

Today of course it’s white privilege, tomorrow it’s an invented climate “emergency”. Perfect academic control-fest confected nonsense to be drip fed to a population long encouraged by the far-left education system to accept, not think.

The message to the young from the elites that drive the cultural revolution is that you don’t live in a great, independent, democratic, prosperous, caring, remarkably un-bigoted country. The cultural elites are not grieving over the violence and destruction. They almost openly welcome it as a way to take back the control ceded during the populist setbacks of the last few years. Rather the leaders abase themselves before the mob, go down on their knees as the mayor of Los Angeles did while his city was trashed.

And wasn’t there something about a mass Covid lockdown keeping us all indoors? Resident Covid hysteric and breakfast tv presenter Piers Morgan certainly thought so telling us all to stay inside and not kill each other. That was until his son joined the mass protests, at which point he declared his support for the lad. When the elites go lecturing the little people, the hypocrisy is ramped up to 11.

Donald Trump is said to have had a bad Covid and riot season. The media excoriate him for standing by a burned church with a bible in hand speaking of law and order. In the UK, gender-confused Lisa Nandy tweeted that, “these protests must be the movement for recognition and positive change”.

Given a choice at the ballot box, my money is on the chap who cracks down on crime. I might be wrong but mindless rioting for “positive change” doesn’t swing it in the polling booth.

For some inexplicable reason – don’t tell the Labour party, the US Democrats, CNN and the BBC – folks don’t much care for looting and killing, not when it could be them and their families and communities being looted and killed.

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