18th April 2020

I rarely write or comment upon any sport. I have absolutely no interest in following any competitive sports, probably because I cannot understand the tribal urge to support one team, or one person, in trials of alleged sporting prowess. If the world’s ruling sports bodies followed my ideal, every known and even unknown drug would immediately be legalised, but the sport concerned would have to be renamed “The (Add Pharmaceutical Company name here: Merck. Roche, Glaxo, etc.) 100 metre championship’, for example, to reflect the truth. That truth being that, in virtually every competitive sport on this planet, ordinary competitors are being outclassed, no matter how high their training and athletic prowess is, by others whose actions are being enhanced by artifice, by drugs, and by manipulation.

But I do not come today to write, or condemn, or even to justify the performances which are illegally enhanced by competitors using the methods of blood-doping, or of use of medication for an alleged allergy; and in doing so by-pass the strict doping regulations which ruling bodies state are being rigorously enforced. I write instead of the farce which is underway whereby men, fully grown and mature athletes, are able to compete, legally, against those of a vastly inferior stature, by virtue of a simple statement that they are claiming to be “Transgender’; and allegedly ‘Transitioning’ to another gender.

They are also being aided by statements from very senior ruling sports bodies that, under the rules, if they confirm that they are, and have been, in receipt of testosterone treatment, for nine months; they are legally able to compete, on level terms, with female athletic competitors. The level of testosterone which has been fixed as the measured acceptable level, for transgender competitors is 270 (ng/dL).

There are, however, many things besides testosterone which build a human body. Men, by virtue of their physiological make-up, have broader chests, larger hearts and lungs, longer limbs, better muscles powering those limbs, and many, many more items which build world-class male athletes. But it is testosterone, during and after puberty, which is the driving force behind the physical difference between men and women. The statistics state categorically that if a ‘Trans’ athlete abides by the rules, and takes treatments which reduce his/her/its testosterone levels to the agreed levels,  they still have the physiological traits given them by nature, and, by virtue of the ‘rules’, they will have an unbeatable advantage in weight, power, ability and agility over their female opponents.

So, where we once had a Paula Radcliffe, long-distance and marathon specialist supreme; we could now see a low achieving man, built and fashioned by his genes and natural testosterone input, challenge a similar woman to Radcliffe on the grounds that he is now a ‘trans’ athlete, and beating her all hands down, on the sheer basis that, to all purposes, he is still a man, but acting under literally false pretences.

Drugs, I can perhaps understand, but politically-correct placing of biological men into women’s events on the basis that they have achieved a purely artificial testosterone level in order to compete? Garbage! Check out the photo at the top of the linked page. Do you see three women on the podium? Nope, you see two slim-hipped, short stature women as runners-up: and the Winner, in every respect, is still a Man!