So after much anticipation, in Telford on Saturday the 25th of January, Tommy Robinson and Urban Scoop finally released their documentary “The Rape of Britain”. Having watched the documentary twice, I will discuss the two main takeaways that I had later. But first I wish to commend Tommy, all his team and of course the brave survivor Nicole whose testimony made up the bulk of this first episode. For many of us the revelations aren’t new or sadly even shocking, for as much as the media tries to downplay what’s happening all across Britain, those of us with morality and a hatred of injustice have been aware of the problem of Muslim rape gangs for a long time.

Ahead of the airing of the documentary, veteran Richard Inman delivered a rousing speech in which he condemned the disgraceful far left who incredibly chose to protest against the revealing of corrupt police, drug dealers, pimps and child rapists. He was followed by for Britain party leader Anne Marie Waters who equally has campaigned for years about this issue, and wrote a detailed article in the wake of the Rotherham scandal. You can read that here. Her speech must have been suitably rousing, as far left activists such as Louise Raw are trying to report it as ‘hate speech’ to the police – imagine that being your takeaway from the day!

Anne Marie Waters (For Britain Party)

Due to the fact that politically many media outlets simply dislike the messenger, we have to face the fact that they are willing to turn a blind eye to the lives of children being broken and ruined. It’s a shocking realisation. Why would they do that? Because literally anything is more acceptable to them rather than validating the people who they have spent years hating. It was disappointing to see a lack of interest from GB News in the documentary, as many of us had hoped that they wouldn’t engage in the same cancel culture of the other news channels. What a massive story this potentially is for them. However it is apparent that some people are persona non grata and even mentioning them on the GB News Facebook page results in the post taken down within minutes.

So it is incumbent on all of us to share this documentary with as many people as possible, because for a large portion of the population, the media has excelled at downplaying this issue but they can’t keep a lid on it forever. What the documentary reveals is systematic abuse occurring over 4 decades and a police force with no will to tackle the issue, no matter how traumatic the experience for the victims or the crimes committed. The documentary revealed to us how the abusers operate, using a mixture of mental and physical abuse including beatings and death threats to keep the children in line. Girls as young as eleven are racially abused and passed amongst the community to be raped, it is truly stomach churning to hear.

Again, of no surprise to some of us is that the alleged perpetrators identified are classed locally as being “pillars of the community”; from being a solicitor through to “Chair of the Telford Muslim Forum”. In fact, one of the men is heard preaching in the mosque about the ‘damage to Islam’ caused by grooming gangs, a man alleged to be one of the main ringleaders.

Amjad Ditta (Hussain)

We are reminded of characters such as the heralded ‘face of diversity’ in policing Amjad Ditta, splashed across the media but now on trial with 15 other muslims for a string of sexual offences against young girls.

The police took a knee to the individuals featured in the documentary, and then they were roundly mocked by them later on social media. It again exposes the folly of police bending over backwards to engage the community and faith leaders when some of the worst people hold these positions and lie without blinking. It will be interesting to see what groups such as the Muslim Council of Britain do in response to this documentary, it is simply not good enough to ignore it and only ever complain about Islamophobia when thousands of children are being raped and in some cases even killed by predominantly Pakistani heritage muslim men. Politicians from Steve Baker to Emily Thornberry rushed out to condemn the Tories and express ‘horror and disgust’ at alleged hurtful words when Nusrat Ghani made claims, without evidence, that she was ‘sacked due to her ‘muslimness’. Will they be vocal about racist child rape? I would urge all of you to write to your MP to raise the issue in Parliament and if they don’t, demand to know why not. There is no comparison between words and what is happening to these children.

So back to the two main takeaways from the documentary. The testimony was, as stated, sadly unsurprising, however the police unwillingness to act was beyond belief. The police refusal to accept gathered evidence will rightly anger many and cause a complete lack of trust in the police. It appeared that the muslim gangs have them in their pocket – they even boast about it on social media. The police have a duty to look at presented evidence, not just dismiss it, and to do so is potentially ‘malfeasance in public office’, along with other potentially disciplinary offences.

The second takeaway and other major shocker is the scale. When Tommy displays his spreadsheet and pages of names, he informs us that it is based on the testimony of just 10 victims, when there are in fact a thousand. It is a mind boggling moment, particularly when you realise that Telford has a relatively small muslim population. The potential scale here is truly frightening.

This is the first of many such documentaries – it is impossible for the media, the politicians and the authorities to simply smear Tommy and others without acting on what we are seeing. Labour politicians are typically in place in all these towns, and it is clear they have completely abandoned the working class, to the point where many are willing to allow muslim gangs rape children with impunity (rather than rock the boat with the community from which they want votes).

It is the greatest scandal of the last forty years, and kudos to Tommy and everyone else for starting this important project. Now make noise about it with your local MP.

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