Article by Robert J F Barnes Last week,

Theresa May presented her Draft Withdrawal Agreement on Brexit.
May claimed that it delivered the Brexit that 17.4m people voted for.
Yet, this is no “strong and stable” Brexit Deal.
It is a wholesale betrayal of the biggest democratic vote in our history.
It leaves us wedded to the Customs Union for years, if not indefinitely.
In addition, for all of May’s claims, it ties us into the Single Market.
This means we cannot control immigration or strike free trade deals.
May’s Deal leaves us as a rule taker.
We will be a vassal state having no say over laws that govern us.
In addition, contrary to May’s claims about the ECJ, Article 174 states that the Court of Justice of the European Union shall have jurisdiction.
In other words, we will still be subject to their rulings.
This is not taking back control of our laws and borders.
The British people have been let down, lied to and betrayed by our political elite.
The British press are no better with papers such as the Daily Mail insulting those MPs who have submitted no confidence letters by calling them “lemmings”.

Labour are no better. Corbyn has claimed he can strike a better deal.
This is a complete falsehood.
The Draft Withdrawal Agreement will be the deal that will be signed off next weekend in Brussels.
Then there is the possibility of a two year extension to the transition period.
How many more billions of pounds will that cost Britain?

This Draft Withdrawal Agreement is bad for Britain and bad for Democracy.
The DUP are up in arms and are already flexing their muscles in Parliament by abstaining on key votes such as the Finance Bill.

We would be better off by leaving without a deal.
We would then be free to trade on WTO terms and strike free trade deals
The one thing that is becoming clearer by the day is that “No Deal is better than a bad Deal”.

Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister in living memory.
She is consigning her country to a state of political paralysis, locked in the orbit of the EU.

She should put her country before her party and resign.

In the name of God, Go