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I have questioned for quite some time now whether the anti-Islam approach by some members of society is actually achieving anything other than making the problem worse instead of better, however, wherever I posed this question I have more than often be attacked with accusations of being an apologist or some other form of abuse. Yet I do firmly believe that blaming Islam will only ever be as effective as throwing fuel on a fire in an attempt to put it out. Some time ago I tried to explain to people the importance of being Jihadiphobic rather than being Islamophobic, as the latter was only really helping the hate preachers to indoctrinate more radical extremists. Every time I see an Anti-Islam meme on social media I think to myself, I bet there is some hate preacher somewhere looking at that with glee, knowing full well that they can use it to show others how we in the West hate their religion. Anyone who thinks that does not happen is simply deluding themselves, it certainly does happen.

For many young Muslims in Britain the problem for them is they are born into a country they feel they don’t belong and it seems to me that this idea is not only being pushed on them by those within their own community but also by those taking the Anti-Islam approach, that makes them very susceptible to indoctrination by radical extremists. If you employ a method that increases rather than decreases the problem that you are trying to address then that obviously is not the best method to be using. We have to rethink our own strategy on how best to combat the problem of radical Islam here in Britain or we can never expect to beat it. Stating this does not make me an apologist, it simply means that I believe we need to stop inadvertently making the problem worse.

For me, the real problem is not Islam at all even though there are parts of the Quran that are clearly radically extreme, that is undeniable but the real problem is the fact that our laws are not being enforced in our own country as they should be because those in authority are frightened of being branded racists for enforcing them. How anyone in their right mind can ever justify that mindset is astonishing but we all know that is happening here in the UK, far too often. This is frustrating people more and more but instead of attacking the problem of those in authority turning a blind eye when they shouldn’t, many people seem far more intent on using the wrong anti-Islam approach. It is amusing to see that UKIP seems to be championing this Anti-Islam approach since Gerard Batten became the interim leader. Gerard has always held very strong views about Islam, which is why he was kept in the shadows of UKIP for so long but it is amusing seeing him now turn UKIP into what is really For Britain 2. This has to be frustrating for Anne Marie Waters who founded her own Anti-Islam party, For Britain after leaving UKIP but the truth is both are employing the wrong methods to combat an ever growing problem in Britain. I once posed a question to AMW and many others which asked “How does blaming Islam actually help to combat radical extremism” and I have never managed to get a straight answer from anyone, I did, of course, get lots of abuse for asking such a question but the reality is, it actually does not help to combat it, it will only ever make the problem worse.

In politics to wield power you first have to gain that power and that is simply not possible on an Anti-Islam ticket, this is because far too many voters think it is a toxic approach and this is why parties like BNP, Britain First, etc have never progressed in politics. Anyone with any knowledge of the Overton Window knows this and yet both For Britain and UKIP seem to want to make the exact same mistake as others have before. As attacking Islam only increases the problem surely it makes sense to make Islam irrelevant to the argument, make the argument against the authorities who are not enforcing the laws as they should be and we might just stand a chance of turning the tables better in the fight against Islamification here in the UK. After all that is the end goal we all want.

Recognise the problem is not Islam, it is Jihadism, which is radical Islam and the largest ever demonstration against Islamic Extremism was actually 20 million Muslims during Arab Spring. Those 20 million Muslims were all followers of Islam and they were just as much against Jihadism as we are. I do highly suspect the term Islamophobia was actually invented by Jihadists for the sole purpose of making it easier for them to indoctrinate others and we seriously need to stop helping them in that quarter. In Engage we believe that the best form of defence against Islamification of Britain is to protect our inherent religion of Christianity, I am an Atheist myself but I do recognise Britain as being a Christian country and we need to draw the lines very clearly to protect Christianity, then ensure that laws are enforced to deal with anything that crosses those lines. That way we can identify the problem without tarring all with the same brush and then deal with the problem accordingly.

We certainly need to start using a better approach than one that is doing nothing other than increasing the problem we are trying to address, that point is unarguable.

So, before shooting me down in flames for simply looking at the problem of Islamification from different perspective and then firing abuse at me in the comments section. Make sure you can come up with a better solution for tackling what is a very clear and dangerous problem here in Britain, one that we all need to address.

Marty Caine

Leader Engage