By Grandpa1940


It pleases me greatly to learn that, even in the world of multi-millionaires who drive and work in the Formula One universe, where private jets and helicopters abound, there are more than a few who refuse to be told what to think by their compatriots. Before the Styrian (Where dat, then?) Grand Prix race commenced the black multi-millionaire Lewis Hamilton, whose only real talent (at least the only one we know about) is driving a specially designed, superbly-engineered and fast-powered vehicle at hair-raising speeds around various circuits all across the world; had hoped for ‘unity’ amongst the drivers and race teams in support of the Marxist/Anarchist movement known as ‘BLM’. He was to be disappointed, as a fair proportion of the drivers, as well as their teams, either failed to show up for the ‘demonstration of solidarity’ with the Anarchists, or were simply not bothered by his call. 

He also wants to tell us all that we may all be ‘racists’ and we should immediately listen to the clarion calls of the ‘blm’ movement; presumably by toppling ALL the statues which tell of our history; good and bad, and instead? Probably building a 600-foot high statue of Mary Seacole, or some other illusory figure in the past, all of whom were suffering grievously because of this ‘racism’. And then, by transferring all the cash which goes to the Home Office which funds the multiplicity of Police and Crime fighting forces to; erm…Black youth movements and ‘Charrideeees’, to redefine the terrible injustice done to the minorities who came here, willingly, despite all these aforementioned injustices. He also seems to want to tell us how we should immediately go ‘Vegan’, in order to ‘save the world’, and abolish ‘Climate Change’ by killing all the beef animals in the world to stop them farting: or some other ludicrous notion.

He also whined, repeatedly, a few days ago, about how he wasn’t regarded, in Gt Britain as being ‘British’ All I would comment upon this allegation that if he immediately removed himself, and his taxable status, from the Principality of Monaco, and returned to Stevenage, and paid his share of the millions earned, he would gain great kudos amongst ordinary `Brits’.

Now Lewis, apart from being impossibly rich, and thinking that he knows everything, and so wishes to tell everyone else how to eat, think and behave; himself isn’t short of people who just reckon he ought to pipe down just a bit, as we do tend to get tired of people who have been ‘Woken’ spouting their line of bullshit all across the headlines. As one bloke commented upon a news item which delivered Lewis’ carefully considered words about Climate Change said, 

“Lewis Hamilton’s personal carbon footprint is in the top 0.001% of everyone on the planet, and he’s telling everyone else how to live. It’s a bit like Kate and Gerry McCann lecturing us on how to be good parents!”

I also wonder how Lewis Hamilton, forever, it seems, warbling on about Human Rights, along with all this ‘Racism’, can even bear landing in Hungary, never mind shovelling his Mercedes around the Hungaroring circuit and taking all that cash, seeing as how the Government, amongst other things like banning George Soros’ university from even appearing in Hungary; has passed a law removing Trans rights?

How can he bear placing all that cash into his Monaco-based bank account, seeing as he has won it in the past, and will probably do so again, after taking part in the F1 race in the Same-Sex Paradise which is Singapore?

How can he speak out against any Racist or Human rights violation when he has not only raced, but won in the paradise of human rights which is the Kingdom of Bahrein?

What should his reactions be if the F1 Circus heads towards Malaysia? A country where Human Rights Watch states that “Discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people is pervasive in Malaysia.”?

What should he do or say when the F1 boys, along with all their aircraft, cars, huge supply trains  and ‘vegan food’ for Lewis, make a steady course for the Shanghai circuit in the virtual Paradise of the People’s Republic of China? Where he would, or rather should, have noted that approximately 2,000,000-odd Muslim Uighurs have been incarcerated, and brainwashed into renouncing their heritage, their religion and their very lifestyles; all because the People’s Communist Party decreed that they should be so treated. What were his comments and thoughts when the International Treaty; signed before the handover of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China was so unceremoniously shit upon by those Chinese when they instituted a new Law which allows Chinese Security Police to arrest and deport any who even sniff towards Chinese Law?

He admits that he’s not perfect; who, these days is? But this eternal whining might sound a touch better if, after returning to the pleasant pastures of England, and of course paying all those back-taxes to the smiling faces of Her Majesty’s Customs & Excise collectors, he makes a voluntary and massive donation, of a very large percentage of his cash to those Black and Minority Charities that he seems to have the hots for? Strictly on the basis of “Do as I do, not as I say”?

I, for one, will not be holding my breath!

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